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Discover the news that will be presented at the Microsoft Surface Event

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Microsoft will hold a Surface event on September 22, where “the company will talk a little about their devices and the new Windows 11”. With Windows 11 set to debut on October 5th, this same event is also expected to see four new Surface devices showcasing all of their latest software features on the new operating system

Not all devices will be on Windows 11. Microsoft will also release a second version of its Android Surface Duo folding device next week. The event will start at 11am ET / 8am PT on September 22nd, and we’ll show you a little of what to expect below.

Surfac ePro 8

Surface Pro is Surface’s flagship device, and has been around since the launch of Windows 8 in 2012. Microsoft is now planning to release a new Surface Pro 8 ready for Windows 11.

No major changes to the Surface Pro 8’s design are expected, as Microsoft has already made it clear to companies that it will maintain the Surface’s port connectivity and overall hardware design to keep it compatible with docks and accessories.


Surface Book 4

Microsoft will debut its big Surface Book design next week. It’s a significant design change that will involve moving away from the detachable screen in favor of a screen that moves forward to convert between tablet and laptop formats like the HP Elite Folio.

This new design also allows Microsoft to update the display on Surface Book 4. Microsoft will opt for a high refresh rate display on Surface Book 4, possibly up to 120 Hz to support a new Dynamic Refresh Rate feature in Windows 11 .

Surface Pro X

Apparently, Microsoft should also launch a new Surface Pro X model next week. Although there are no major design changes, we expect an internal chip upgrade and possibly even a high refresh rate display. According to Microsoft, it tested high refresh rate monitors in the Surface Pro or Surface Pro X line and found next week that Microsoft would be able to update its monitors in the Surface Pro lines.

Surface Go 3

The latest Windows Surface device that is expected next week is the Surface Go 3. This Surface will keep the same smaller frame design, but with a major internal upgrade. The model will come with at least the Intel Core i3 processor, which will offer better performance for this Surface than existing Pentium Gold processor models.

Microsoft is expected to abandon models with 4GB of RAM and slower eMMC storage in entry-level models. Surface Go 3 looks like a modest update in time for Windows 11.


Surface Duo 2

Microsoft looks set to release its next Surface phone. Information about the successor to Surface Duo has already been found on the internet. The biggest hardware upgrade will be a three-camera system that includes ultra-wide, telephoto, and standard camera lenses.

The three-camera system will add a bulge on the back of the device, as seen in photos that spread out earlier this year. The Surface Duo 2 is also expected to ship with Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 888 processor, with 5G support and an NFC reader, both absent in the first generation.

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