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Discover the five most talked about applications today

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Check out the five apps that everyone is talking about – and using – today!

1. Clubhouse: To talk about common interests

Without a doubt, the Clubhouse is the social network of the moment! Launched last year, it basically allows people with the same interest to meet in chat rooms, talking about the most varied topics. However, this application works via audio, just like a podcast.

Although it reminds us of the old chat rooms, the Clubhouse managed to stand out, because it saw several famous and well-known people opening their rooms. In this way, celebrities and ordinary people end up meeting and sharing ideas and opinions. Celebrities like Drake, Oprah or Kevin Hart are active users of this social network, which contributed a lot to its popularity! With more than 600 thousand registered users, this application is now worth more than a billion dollars!

To join the club, all you have to do is create your profile and search for your subjects of interest, there is everything – from fashion, cars, gastronomy, political themes, etc.

Discover the five most talked about applications today

2. Betting sites: For fun

What never goes out of style are the ever-popular betting sites.

Contrary to what many people think, not everyone is driven by money, nor by hidden interests. Nowadays, there are several options, as well as different categories and themes.

Anyway and maybe because the stadiums and sports halls are still empty due to Covid-19, lately the sports betting sites are in full swing, managing to captivate more and more users.

In this sense, check out the best and most popular, but also the safest, betting sites on and choose your favorite. After all, being this area so competitive it is extremely important that you choose a secure platform and operate in a transparent manner.

As for the rest, well…. the rest is game and, of course, a piece of luck too!

3. TikTok: To dance (and laugh)

Initially, TikTok appeared with the objective of sharing longer videos, something that at the time (2016) Instagram did not allow yet.

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Nowadays TikTok continues to be used for sharing videos – videos that are about 60 seconds long – but the concept has evolved, so to speak! The truth is that in 2018, this application had already surpassed social networks such as Facebook, YouTube or Instagram, having even become the app. for iOS more installed! In fact, in February 2019, it already had one billion users!

What started out as more of a kids thing, nowadays is transversal to all ages, being used a lot to make choreographies and humor videos!

The truth is that TikTok has come to show that social networks do not have to isolate people! On the contrary, this is a very active platform and, in fact, forces users to move!

4. Stationhead: Live Radio: For those who miss the old radio

Stationhead’s premise is simple: create your own radio using your mobile phone. For this, you can use the radio’s own microphone and still have access to the records and songs that are available in the Spotify and Apple Music catalog – in this case, it is only for those who have a paid account. In addition, it is possible to interact with listeners, create playlists, make “requested discs” sessions and much more! Anyway: it is everything that is normally associated with the common radio and therefore, prefect for the most nostalgic!

In Portugal, the Stationhead boom is recent and is mainly due to the creative Wandson and the humorist and broadcaster Nuno Markl, who after creating their stations in this app, shared them on Instagram, making a great success with the followers of these two creatives. Stationhead herself recognized the phenomenon, later welcoming them both in a post on their social networks.

Basically, it’s like a social radio network! The only problem is that at the moment it is only available for iPhone, but it is promised – and they say that for very soon – the Android version.

5. Zoom: Ideal for joining work and leisure

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Finally, we put the zoom that more than application of the moment was – and is – without a doubt the app. of the pandemic!

In essence, Zoom is used to make videoconferences. The big difference when comparing with other platforms (like Skype or Hangouts) is that through Zoom, up to 100 users can be online – and this, in the free version! The paid version of Zoom offers different plans and services, which can be used by a thousand participants at the same time.

During times of pandemic confinement, meetings via Zoom became common, whether to watch films together, birthday parties and much more!

Soon companies and schools also realized the potential of this application, starting to use it and incorporate it in their daily lives. Zoom has also recently been used for prize giving, as was the case at this year’s famous Golden Globes ceremony.

The truth is that whether for reasons of popularity or necessity, whether for teleworking or for the telescope, Zoom has been one of the fastest growing applications! To the point that it was the fifth mobile application with the most downloads made in 2020 – it is estimated that more than 477 million installations were made!

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