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Discord makes it easy to find public chat servers

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Announced Discord, in conjunction with its sixth birthday, has announced some new features, including a feature coming in June to help people discover its new Clubhouse-like social voice rooms called Stage Channels.

And the new Stage Discovery feature lets you see a feed of public Stage Channels that you might be interested in, curated with machine learning.

You can listen to Stage Channels audio directly from the feed, and if you want you can even go to the room so that you can be part of the audience.

While in a public room, you may also see a link to join the Discord server where the Stage Channel is hosted if you want to join the community hosting the conversation.

Once released, Stage Discovery, which Discord said takes place on June 1, you can access the feed via the new Stage Channels icon located in the main toolbar in the mobile app and in the main menu under the desktop app.

Discord says: Use of profane language is prohibited in Stage Channels’ titles or descriptions, explicit, graphic or sexual content is prohibited, and users can report Stage Channels that violate the rules.

To help prevent nasty items from appearing in the feed, the company also enforces its policies through technology, its Trust and Security team, and stewardship in the community.

It is noteworthy that the new discovery feed is not the only new feature coming to Stage Channels, as the platform is also working on Stage Channels tickets, which means that hosts are able to charge a fee to access Stage Channels.

Stage Channels tickets are rolling out this month in a beta with less than 50 US-based content creators.

The platform did not say whether it takes a commission from ticket sales, although it indicated that it is evaluating options during the trial.

The company plans to add the ability to create threads, which will make it easy to group conversations.

Discord says threads start appearing this summer, and will be available to all servers before the end of this year.

Besides the new features announced, Discord reveals a new brand identity with a slightly modified logo, which it calls Clyde.

The Discord platform, which was originally built as a place for players to talk, has grown significantly during the pandemic, especially as many non-gaming communities began using the service.

The company revealed that it now has more than 150 million monthly active users, up from 140 million in December.

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