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Dell driver vulnerabilities affect millions of PCs

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Hundreds of millions of computers could be on the list of victims of the Dell Firmware driver vulnerabilities. However, the PC manufacturer has already addressed the problem with a security-level fix, as the latest statement from Dell’s security council assured.

Since 2009, Dell has been placing a Firmware driver update (permanent software programmed in a read-only memory) that contains “five highly serious faults” on the market. Revealed a survey by the team of security researchers, Sentinel Labs.

The flaw (verified in a file known as DBUtil) is actually an association of five vulnerabilities, conventionally referred to as CVE-2021-21551. four of the failures can lead to the worsening of privileges, while another reveals simply the denial of service.

Dell driver vulnerabilities affect millions of PCs

About 380 models were affected, from desktops to the latest portable computers from Dell and Alienware. It is estimated that even the oldest Dell computers are included in the list of “victims” of these failures.

For the time being, as far as is known, there is no evidence that vulnerabilities are being exploited in an unbridled way. According to the Dell FAQ, an attacker would need local access to your machine in order to exploit the hack or trick the user through phishing or other means.

Even so, in order for the malicious consequences not to manifest on a computer, it would be necessary to update the Firmware, since the driver in question is not pre-installed on the PC’s.

Sentinel Labs researchers have provided technical information about the flaw, but are refraining from providing more details about the likely exploitation in order to give users time to incorporate patches into their machines. If there is any suspicion that a PC has been affected, it is a good idea to follow the guide to address these vulnerabilities made available by Dell.

Source: Engadget

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