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Decision is not favorable to any

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The court case between Apple and Epic Games has come to an end at this early stage, and the first decision has already been taken by the US court. However, the winner of the process was certainly not Epic Games, and even Apple, which had favorable decisions, also cannot say that it was a total victory.

But looking at consumers and developers, we can’t say that it was a victory for them either, since the main goal of Epic Games, which was to force Apple to allow applications on iOS other than through the App Store, was not achieved, in addition to #freeFortnite. Certain is that many secrets were revealed during this process, and we also know that it doesn’t end there, as Epic Games has already announced that it will appeal.

THE court decision has already been released by Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers, and does not oblige Apple to allow other app stores, or non-iOS applications, and has not considered it proven that Apple has a monopoly. The “great” defeat of Apple is that it is obliged to allow, as of December 9, that applications can have payment systems other than Apple’s.


It is true that if we can consider that Apple won a victory since the main accusations and that could influence, a lot, iOS and Apple products, were favorable to the American company, the fact that the company is forced to allow others payment systems will make them lose the 30% they earn on transactions, which will be many thousands or millions of dollars.

But if this is true for Apple, Epic Games will undoubtedly lose out. Is very. For starters, the court does not force Apple to re-allow Epic Games, and the respective games, in the App Store, as well as accusing them of breaching the contract with Apple, giving reason to the American company. And it goes even further, forcing Epic Games to pay 30% of the revenue collected by the company between November of last year and the date of the judgment, in addition to 30% of the 12 million it earned between August and October 2020.

Now, there is no doubt that this is a major setback for Epic Games, so the company has already made it known that it will appeal the court’s decision.

So what about programmers and consumers?

Even in this aspect there is still doubt whether they stand to win. It’s true that Apple will be forced to allow programmers to use external payment services. But in what way?

There are still some doubts about this aspect and, no doubt, that it will continue to run a lot of ink. But Apple itself has already initiated changes, allowing programmers to send emails to their customers for other payment services and in South Korea the regulator had already decided in this direction as well. We’ll see what happens.

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