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Dangerous scam targeting iPhone users allows hackers to hijack their online accounts

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A new dangerous scam aimed at iPhone users allows hackers to hijack their online accounts, The Sun found. Worse, it is difficult to identify fraud – with cyber experts telling The Sun that the “convincing” scam must be avoided at all costs. .

The scam involves sending a text message to the victim that appears to come from Apple. He reads: “Your Apple ID was locked. To unlock your account, check your information ”.

The unauthorized text includes a link that appears to come from, but actually directs users to a fraudulent website in Russia. This website was designed as a perfect copy of Apple’s genuine login screen. But it’s just a trick to steal your Apple ID username and password.

computadores da apple vao comecar a usar os seus proprios chips


Tom Davison, Lookout’s cyber security expert, said: “This is an example of a mobile phishing SMS designed to steal credentials and compromise an individual’s account.

“This type of attack is increasingly common and Lookout witnessed a 37% increase in mobile phishing incidents in Q1-2020 alone. The form factors for mobile devices make it much more difficult to identify fake sites from real sites, as URLs can be shortened on the screen or not displayed. ”

“Users should be wary of unsolicited messages like these and can take advantage of a mobile security application to provide another layer of defense.”


This type of scam is known as “phishing”. It involves the contact of many people with some kind of correspondence that seems official, to attract innocent victims.

And the quality of this scam is impressive, given the accuracy of Apple’s login page. These rogue scams are becoming increasingly difficult to identify, computer experts warn.

But despite everything, doing the basic link verification procedures and being cautious are the best ways to prevent this type of scam…


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