Customizing Android notification area quick shortcuts

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Even with all the news that Google has data for Android, there are elements that seem to have come to stay in this system and that others copy. These are options that users need and have become accustomed to using very expeditiously.

We are talking, for example, about the quick shortcuts you can find in the Android notifications area. These direct the user to areas and direct functions, facilitating the use of this operating system. What many don’t know is that these are simple to customize and can be adjusted.

Android customize Google quick shortcuts

THE customization Android is, as we know, very large and simple to apply. With a few taps on the screen, it is possible to completely change this system, both in terms of graphics and in terms of features and usage options.

With this modularity, it is natural that Google has given its system the ability to be adapted to the user. We can see this in the notification area and especially in the quick shortcuts, which we can customize, organize and even choose the ones we want to present.

To make this change, they must open the notification area. Here comes soon part of the Android shortcut area. They should open further and show the full list of shortcuts that are present.

The present list is accessible for immediate use, showing all the options the user has at his disposal. To change the list and rearrange the gifts, click on the top right of the pencil image.

Here you can move the icons to the desired positions, rearranging the way they are displayed. You can also remove the ones you don't use, by dragging them to the end, or adding new ones, also by dragging from the bottom to the desired position.

It is in this simple way that they can customize Android and its quick shortcuts. They can put there those who use it most and those they think they may need. At any time, they can change and place the ones they need.

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