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CUBO will be Fortnite’s eighth season

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The alien invasion is over, and now the island of Fortnite is full of cubes. So will be the 8th season of the second chapter of Battle Royale that has just been released and is called simply “Cube”.

According to the developer of Epic, the cubes that used to power the giant alien mothership have now been unleashed to wreak havoc on the island. As with all new seasons, the update represents a combination of new characters, locations, weapons and even portals to transport players into a realm full of monsters.

The biggest change in chapter 8 seems to be a new element called “The Sideways”, which is described as a “dark, malevolent, monster-filled reality” that spreads across the cubes. Players can access from inside the portals, in addition to the monsters, it also has a low gravity and no construction which will impact different locations on the island. Players will be able to obtain a new crafting component from these areas to create super powerful “side” weapons. This season also brings back some classic weapons, including the automatic sniper rifle and harpoon.


There appears to be a new focus on collaboration between players, who can now work together to make the island come true. This is how Epic described it: “With other Loopers across the island, the bars the player earns for construction sites where they want to see the towers built. In the future, we will need players to get together and decide which new weapons to develop, which to dig up and much more.”

A new season means a new battle pass that has to be purchased, and this time it will include the addition of characters like Carnage, a monster hunter named Torin and a soldier named JB Chimpanski. And a yellow unicorn named Fabio Sparklemane.

Season 7 originally kicked off in June and, in addition to featuring aliens, was quite hectic, adding a new player-style mode, an Ariana Grande show and characters ranging from Loki to LeBron James.

Source: epic

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