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Cryptoradar helps you find and compare cryptocurrency exchanges

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Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies are in all the news again, after reaching new high records. However, getting started with Bitcoin can be difficult: space is not yet fully regulated, there is a steep learning curve and often a lack of transparency.

“The cryptographic space is today’s Wild West,” explains Josef Moser, CMO and co-founder of Cryptoradar. “Even though institutions have discovered this market for themselves, there are still dangers for investors. The lack of transparency makes it very difficult for newcomers to settle. ”

To overcome this problem, the company provides a real-time price comparison platform, tracking cryptocurrency quotes on more than 50 exchanges.

Cryptoradar is one of the main platforms in its space, and today it launches its services in Portugal.

Cryptoradar helps you find and compare cryptocurrency

This is how the platform works:

Find the best price for any cryptocurrency

Thanks to the price comparison feature, users can compare the prices of 20 popular cryptocurrencies across more than 50 exchanges – including those for less conventional tokens like Tezos or VeChain.

Filter exchanges based on a variety of options

Cryptoradar offers a variety of filtering options, which allow users to choose an encryption exchange based on supported payment methods (for example, credit card or Paypal) or certain features (for example, integrated wallet or availability of a mobile app ).

The platform also adds any applicable fees to the prices shown, making payment and negotiation fees more transparent.

User reviews

Many exchanges listed on Cryptoradar feature comments from real users. This makes it easier to avoid exchanges that are difficult to use or have poor customer support. Comments can be written by all registered users to help find a suitable cryptocurrency exchange.

All of this makes Cryptoradar a great entry point to start investing in cryptocurrencies, for newcomers and intermediaries.

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