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Cryptocurrency market in notable recovery

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Currently, it is easy to make payments via a mobile application, leaving the usual cash payments almost forgotten. These days, it is increasingly common to hear the word “cryptocurrency”, this because this is a form of payment for an economy that is rapidly transferring to the digital world.

Cryptocurrencies are thus a purely digital medium of exchange. There are even those who assure that these are the currencies of the future. Whether from the future or not, the fact is that they are already very present in the world. Cryptocurrencies have reached US$2.03 billion in recent days, a maximum since the peak of May, when it reached a record value of US$2.48 billion, reveals the specialized website

After the sharp drops of recent months, cryptocurrencies have been recovering since the beginning of August, showing a strong growth. The main cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, appreciated almost 8% in the last week, while Ethereum appreciated 8.6% in the last seven days, according to data from Coinbase.


This year, the European Central Bank announced a plan to create a structure to monitor the cryptocurrency market, with the main objective of protecting the financial and economic system. In the UK, cryptocurrencies are not yet regulated. Only the future will tell whether or not cryptocurrencies are here to stay, however, the reality is that several platforms already use them as a means of payment, for example, on casino sites and online games, as it is a faster and more efficient method. safe compared to real money.

It should be noted that it was in March 2010 that the first poker tournament officially took place, the “The 1.000 BTC Poker Game”, held only with one of the cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, so that no real money could be transacted. The story goes that the event was created as an experimental way to introduce Bitcoin as a transaction currency. The introduction of this cryptocurrency as a payment method in online poker has shown a positive return, as it allows for immediate and secure transactions.

To play online poker in this mode, just make a deposit of cryptocurrencies and choose the site where you want to play. Know that for example the best of playing poker on your phone is the fact that you can manage your cryptocurrency portfolio while playing. Welcome to the world of “CoinPoker”.


It was then “The 1,000 BTC Poker Game” that boosted the popularity of the Bitcoin, which today is in notorious and promising growth. Contrary to what happens in traditional online poker, where you have to wait up to 72 hours to withdraw the money, in the case of cryptocurrencies it is possible to carry out the transaction in a few seconds. It is these digital currencies that allow you to play against professionals and amateurs from all continents of the planet, bringing poker to an exponential level of globalization.

The greater the demand from the consumer, the greater the offer from companies and institutions, but like all elements of the digital transformation, as cryptocurrencies spread, the associated risks increase. Safety, volatility, costs and regulation are the biggest challenges.

The success of cryptocurrencies inevitably makes them more attractive for cybercriminals, to which they add to the rapid changes in their value, turning them into an opportunity for some or a headache for others. Regarding costs, although cryptocurrencies exist only in virtual space, their creation and use has a real impact, through the enormous consumption of energy. And we come to regulation, a challenge that will make ink splash in the press for years to come.

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