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Cowboy electric bicycles avoid air pollution

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Belgian electric bike maker Cowboy has committed to its promise to help riders avoid pollution on their commute by adding a new navigation feature that allows riders to plan their routes based on air quality In the company’s latest apps for both operating systems iOS And theAndroid.

Air pollution is one of the biggest causes of silent death in the world, and poor air quality can lead to stroke, heart disease, lung cancer and other chronic respiratory diseases.

The World Health Organization says 4.2 million deaths annually occur as a result of air pollution.

Cyclists face this problem on a daily basis, however, help is ready from Belgian cyclist Cowboy, as bike owners now have the option to choose the fastest and healthiest route to reach their destination.

The feature is enabled through air quality data integration from a company called BreezoMeter, which is the same company that supplies the Apple Weather app with air quality data.

This allows the Cowboy app to design the track using local air quality data, and to direct riders to the cleanest routes to get them to their destination.

It is the first electric bike maker to bring the quality of air travel in its app with Accuracy Data of 5 meters, accurate enough to help riders navigate polluted roads in densely populated cities, such as Amsterdam.

BreezoMeter’s ability to measure air quality in such detail includes some guesswork because it does not have physical sensors dispersed over 5 meters around the world.

But BreezoMeter’s claims are backed by the chief scientist, Dr. Gabriella Katz. Gabriela Katz, Who was previously at the NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The BreezoMeter model starts with measured data from more than 47,000 sensors around the world and then combines it with additional data, such as: live traffic, satellite images, smoke, wind and weather, using custom algorithms and machine learning techniques.

Notably, BreezoMeter says its model measures the air pollution emitted from 10 million traffic congestion departments around the world every 12 minutes to more than 30,000 cities around the world.

The company goes through its air quality measurements to a quality assurance process prior to reporting to ensure accuracy.

It certainly makes sense for Cowboy to incorporate a model of air pollution that relies heavily on vehicle traffic, as most of those cycling in traffic congestion are acutely aware of the pollution from stalled combustion engines.

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