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Countach 50 Omaggio ‘Unofficial’ pays homage to the Lamborghini original

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The Countach 50 Omaggio may never make it to production, but it really whets our appetite for Lamborghini’s own version of this iconic model. If Sant’Agata were to release a limited production Countach based on the Aventador, it would likely be in a similar fashion to the Bugatti Centodieci which was a 2019 homage to the 1991 EB110.

The close ties to the Aventador are much more evident inside the cab. To differentiate it from the outgoing flagship, ARC design has added a large touch screen to the slanted center console, mirror replacement digital screens on the doors and a new center with all the necessary buttons and switches.

This year, the world is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Lamborghini Countach and while we are eagerly awaiting a possible Sant’Agata tribute, independent design studio ARC design has unveiled its own digital concept car inspired by Marcello Gandini’s original creation.

Countach 50 Omaggio Unofficial pays homage to the Lamborghini originalThe Lamborghini Countach 50 Omaggio was planned as a tribute to the concept car that debuted at the 1971 Geneva Motor Show. This Countach version in its purest form, as the various production versions, built between 1974 and 1990, gradually become deviated from the simple lines of the original, adds more pronounced aerodynamic components and more robust bumpers.

The ARC design wanted to keep the clean lines and surfaces of the original, allowing it to transform into something more aggressive with the help of active aerodynamics. So the side air intakes hidden behind the windows only appear when needed, and the active rear wing only unfolds at higher speeds.

Countach 50 Omaggio Unofficial pays homage to the Lamborghini originalWhile we’re not sure these assets alone are big enough to cool the engine, but at least they seem adequate. Building on the fundamentals of the Aventador, the Countach 50 Omaggio inherits the carbon fiber monocoque and its screaming mid-mount V12 engine. In theory, the Countach 50 Omaggio is much larger than its inspiration, with significantly wider tracks and larger diameter wheels. Judging by the photorealistic renderings, the car looks wider, lower and more balanced.

These days, supercars are getting more and more complicated, and so seeing simple but beautiful shapes in a hypercar is a positive thing. There is no need for additional ‘pop-up’ units as the main headlights feature laser technology. The air intakes are seamlessly integrated into the front bumper, while the flat bonnet has a trapezoidal shape like many ‘Lambo’s’ after the Countach.

1627292235 821 Countach 50 Omaggio Unofficial pays homage to the Lamborghini originalThe only problem is that the front overhang looks a little too long at certain angles and the huge wheels demand more aggressiveness at the front fender angles. The most impressive view of the digital concept car is definitely the rear. The taillights with a very thin LED mesh actually serve as air channels, allowing hot air from the naturally aspirated V12 to escape.

The engine cover is made of glass with integrated brake lights that disappear when not in use, while a wide exhaust pipe is located in the diffuser. Overall, the concept tail does justice to the original Countach and reminds us why we like this car so much. So, the question that remains is whether that will mean a possible resurrection of Countach? Would you prefer a modern reinterpretation of the original or a futuristic concept car with more discreet design references?

1627292235 183 Countach 50 Omaggio Unofficial pays homage to the Lamborghini originalSource: carscoops

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