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Copy of the game Super Mario 64 beats record: 1 500 000 dollars!!!!

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We are not mistaken in the number of zeros we put and only demonstrates that Super Mario only gets more valuable with age. To help you understand, this means almost 7.9 million reais or less than 1.3 million euros.

The record was reached this week at an auction organized by Heritage Auctions of a sealed copy of one of the best games that have been released for Nintendo 64: the Super Mario 64, which set a new record in this game auction market.

Today, a highly classified and fully sealed copy of the Nintendo 64 classic Super Mario 64 was sold at auction for $1,500,000, which beats the previous record for a video game auction held for an ultra-rare copy of The Legend Zelda and was established just a few days ago. This rare game sold for an impressive sale price of $870,000 on July 9th.

Copy of the game Super Mario 64 beats record 1

This copy of Super Mario 64 received a 9.8 rating on the Wata scale. As a result of this high rating, Heritage Auctions says it is only one of fewer than five known sealed copies in such incredible condition. The auction started on July 9th and ended yesterday, July 11th. Even before the auction started, this copy of Mario 64 already had a starting price of $100,000.

This figure sets a new record, which surpassed The Legend Zelda, but before that, the record was held by an NES copy of Super Mario Bros., which sold for $660,000 in April of this year. The new record of $1.5 million is more than double the old record set in April and is nearly double the latest record of $870,000.

It’s not just video games that are fetching huge prices from online auction houses. Pokémon cards are becoming more and more expensive, with rare cards costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Like rare video games, these prices also skyrocket month after month. At this rate, it’s very likely that in the coming months we’ll be writing about a video game or Pokémon card that sells for $5 million dollars.

By the way, just to remind ourselves, what Super Mario 64 was like back then:


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