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The Cooler Master application is a magical solution to the problem of overheating the phone, which is one of the most problems facing mobile phone users, especially during the summer and extremely high temperatures, in this article we learn about the reasons for using the program for Android devices and its most important features while providing a link to download it.

Download Cooler Master app to cool down the temperature of your Android phone for free 1
Monitors all running apps and overheats the device

Download Cooler Master app to cool down the temperature of your Android phone for free

The overheating of the device while it is working is a worrying and annoying matter for any user, and in the long term it may damage the processor of the device, which is the most important part of it, and thus damage the phone itself, some resort to using some manual methods to reduce the temperature of his device, including:

  • Make the phone in an airplane mode, where a lot of transmission and communication operations in the network stop, which reduces the amount of work on the device.
  • Place the phone in front of an air source away from the sun, such as a fan.
  • Not connecting to the Internet for long periods of time.
  • Remove the device’s protective film and leave it without it in the air for some time.
  • Do not use any charger for the phone without checking whether it is original or not.

Despite the multiplicity of these aforementioned manual methods, their effectiveness remains limited and requires more effort to cool the device, unlike the Cooler Master application, which enables you to shorten all the previous methods with one click and more efficiently, so mobile phone experts recommend downloading this application to reap the best results, It can be downloaded from here

Download Cooler Master app to cool down the temperature of your Android phone for free 2
Reduce the device temperature with one click

Features of Cooler Master application, latest version 2021

Cooler Master is characterized by its speed in reducing the phone’s temperature, and its great ease, and it has many advantages, most of which can be summarized in the following points:

  1. It provides a monitor screen that continuously displays the phone’s temperature level.
  2. The program does not take up much storage space.
  3. Designed in a way to ensure ease of use and speed, with one click, the temperature can be reduced to the lowest possible degree
  4. Cooler Master can control all the apps that are causing the device overheating problem, and even give you a choice of which ones to close.
  5. It displays the percentages of memory usage and processor usage during phone operation.
  6. The software versions are available in different languages, which made its user segment large and supported its development faster.

Reasons to use Cooler Master

Download Cooler Master app to cool down the temperature of your Android phone for free 3
Warning when the device is overheating

With the development of modern mobile devices and the large amount of memory in them, the number of applications that the processor manages during the working period of the phone increased, which may cause the device to overheat, and one of the most important reasons for the increase in the temperature of the mobile, and make the use of the Cooler Master application, Cooler Master is necessary. The inevitable include:

If the previous reasons exist for your use of the device, we are keen to use the Cooler Master application to protect it from the risk of overheating during work and to win the advantages of this free and wonderful program.

  • Games are large in space, they need a lot of processor operation, in addition to occupying memory space.
  • Applications that run on the background of the device constantly, such as social media and messenger programs, and notifications appear from time to time.
  • Use the phone for very long periods, especially when it is connected to the Internet.
  • Not leaving the phone to take its charging time, and working on it while it is connected to the charger.
  • Leave the phone in a hot place or immersed in direct sunlight.
  • Increasing the brightness of the screen continuously to the highest score.
  • Sometimes the presence of the screen protector can block the outlet through which the air enters the device.

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