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Consistency is the number one piece of advice in SEO

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Also, when it comes to doing well and building your brand – be consistent. Product content consistently so your audience knows what to expect, and when to expect.

The more consistent you are in your professional world, the more you will be reliable, and it takes a long time to be consistent in gaining that trust. The author of the article says that ‘it also helps to raise children, but I am not an expert in child rearing:) ´. Google’s John Mueller reiterated on Twitter that consistency is the number one SEO advice. He said last night on Twitter that “SEO lives and dies consistently.”

In 2015, John Mueller said this at the SMX conference. He said that his main SEO advice is to be consistent. He reiterated again in 2019 and 2018 and countless times before and after that. John is talking about the importance of being consistent with your site and the signals it sends to Google.

Do not use trailing slashes on some URLs and not on others. Do not send a canonical tag to one destination, ´but 301´ to another. Do not place structured data in a place where it is not supported. Be technically consistent. Here’s that tweet in context:

That said – be consistent, it will benefit you not only in SEO, but in many other ways.

Remember that due to factors that are practically under the exclusive control of those responsible for a website, search engines continued to suffer abuse and attempts at manipulated rankings.

In order to provide better results to their users, search engines had to adapt and ensure that the results pages always show the most relevant results during a search, instead of useless pages full of keywords and terms created unscrupulously by webmasters in the attempt to use them as bait to display webpages without a link or content. These facts led to the birth of a new type of search engine.

Source: Seroundtable

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