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Confirmed: Honor back on the market with Google and Qualcomm

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Honor ends up achieving the main objective by separating from Huawei, which sold the manufacturer to give it more freedom and, obviously, to earn some money for the mobile area that was and remains complicated. As already mentioned, Honor, with the separation and becoming an independent company, is no longer covered by US sanctions against Huawei and, therefore, may already have Google applications on the next smartphones.

The confirmation of this news was made officially by the accounts of Honor in Germany, which confirmed that the next smartphones of the brand will have the services of Google, which includes the various applications of Google, as well as access to the largest application store in the market, the Play Store.

We have always speculated that Honor would return to Google services, but this is the first time that we have heard the official word from the brand that Honor will again embrace the software in the next released smartphones that, most likely, will be the Series 50 that will be launched. coming soon.

Confirmed Honor back on the market with Google and Qualcomm

Google Mobile services are an integral part of the Android phone experience for many, which means that recent Honor and Huawei products are difficult to recommend compared to other smartphones on the market, despite the enormous effort we have to praise from Huawei in launching a viable alternative to Google services.

Honor’s move to having Google Mobile Services is a big help in the drop in sales of these smartphones, which means that the company will return to being competitive in the European markets when, under the purview of Huawei and in normal times, it had already achieved good results. sales, due to the quality-price ratio of the brand.

Honor will continue to use the MagicUI interface, a version optimized by Honor on Android, and there is another very interesting confirmation: the possibility of being able to use Qualcomm’s processors.

It is true that one of the factors that allowed Honor to have a more competitive price was the use of Kirin processors, from Huawei, however, as it is no longer under the scope of US sanctions, it also allows them to use the Qualcomm processor and , everything indicates, the processor that will be used in the next smartphones is the recently launched Snapdragon 778G.

In addition, rumors have pointed to the launch of three variants of the Series 50, and we should also count, at least on one of the equipment, with a 120Hz AMOLED screen, three rear cameras and two front cameras. It should also not be long before we know everything, as the month of June has been pointed out for the launch of the new smartphones.

Source XDA

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