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Clubhouse on Android is now available for download, but…

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One of the social networks that is in the throes is now available for download on Android. The social network Clubhouse said it was going to expand its Android application worldwide during this week, and in Brazil it would be available from today, Tuesday, and in Portugal only at the end of the week, but they anticipated it.

In Portugal, those who registered as soon as the application was available on Android, already had the application available for download, which is what we just did. However, not everything is roses. Yes, it is that, if it is true that you can already download the Clubhouse for Android, using the application to its fullest is another matter.

As with iOS, to have access to the ClubHouse on Android, we can only access the application through invitation, that is, someone who already has access to the social network and available invitations. So, at this moment, we can install the application, but if there is no invitation, nothing done!

For now, what you can do on the social network is to reserve your username, in the style of twitter with an “@” before.

The Clubhouse was originally launched as an exclusive iPhone application last year. The application quickly gained popularity in the past year, attracting several celebrities, politicians, investors and high-level businessmen, and in addition to that it also had a system of invitations that boosted demand for the social network.

The startup started developing the Android app earlier this year and started testing the beta version this month. In a statement earlier this month, the startup said that availability on Android has been the most requested product feature, which has obviously helped the company accelerate the creation of the application for the Google operating system.

The global launch of Clubhouse on Android comes at a time when dozens of tech companies, including Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Spotify, Reddit and LinkedIn from Microsoft, have launched their similar offerings – or announced plans to do so.

The Twitter Clubhouse clone, called Spaces, has emerged as one of the biggest competitors and has gained many followers.

Meanwhile, Clubhouse has struggled to maintain its growth momentum in recent months – based on download estimates from several mobile insight companies. The Android app can help increase the number of users.

The startup continues to maintain an invitation system for the integration of new users, saying that this is part of its effort to “keep growth under control”.

The Clubhouse Android app currently lacks a number of features. At the time of launch last week, users could not follow a topic, create or manage a club, link their social profiles, make payments or change their profile name or username. The startup said it is working to bring features from iOS to the Android app.

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