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Clubhouse gains one million Android users

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The clubhouse social voice platform, which gained rapid momentum earlier this year and produced a new format for social sharing, now faces significant challenges with the emergence of alternative social audio tools and options.

The platform is struggling to expand fast enough to keep up with demand, which may force it to abandon the advocacy system currently in use to register new users, which was a key part of its early appeal.

The most important problem for the Clubhouse platform was the lack of an Android version, which placed significant restrictions on its ability to grow even before you even considered using the invite-only approach.

The platform corrected this on May 9 with the launch of the Android app, andAnnounced Clubhouse this week that more than a million new Android users have now registered on the platform.

This is a big number when learning that Clubhouse reported 2 million users in January.

The number of active users at Clubhouse has not yet been confirmed, but the app itself has been downloaded more than 15 million times.

And no one who has downloaded the app can access it, because it still uses the invitation only approach, and accordingly, the next big challenge for the platform is to open up to all users, so that it can take full advantage of its growth opportunities.

Clubhouse is aware of the challenges it faces in this regard, and these challenges have been exacerbated by Twitter’s rapid expansion of Spaces, while Facebook is now testing its social audio tools.

As more people become accustomed to using Twitter voice rooms, and joining social voice discussions on Facebook in the groups they are part of, the distinctive elements of the Clubhouse app may weaken and the momentum to download it may diminish.

The platform needs to act quickly on different fronts if it is to maintain its appeal, including payments to enable all content creators to monetize their efforts.

The platform said: Both NBA and Epic Games are broadcasting exclusive content via the app over the next few weeks, as they need to work with celebrities and prominent users to facilitate communication with fans, and maintain the element of exclusivity that made it what it is so far.

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