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Clubhouse builds text chat feature

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Clubhouse — which has seen every other tech platform from Spotify to Facebook scramble to create copycat functionality — appears to be taking its first steps away from live audio experiences.

Apparently, the company accidentally leaked a messaging feature, called Backchannel, to some users late last week.

Based on many of the tweets that circulated (including screen recording), Backchannel is an obvious way for users to chat via text rather than voice.

It seems not done لم Signal to the feature at all in the app release notes, and it looks like what was brought up It is clearly not completed.

It’s not clear how long this version of Backchannel has been around, but it looks like Club House remove it Quickly.

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A Clubhouse spokesperson said: “As part of the process of building our products, the company regularly explores and tests potential features. Sometimes these functions become part of the application, sometimes they are not. We do not comment on potential features.

It’s unclear how big the rollout will be because the feature has been public for a short period of time.

This makes it difficult to gauge whether it was only spotted by a small number of users who happened to have the app open at the time, or if it was only intended to appear as a limited beta.

Clubhouse Builds Backchannel:

While the Backchannel screen was completely blank with no text input box, the company appears to be building the text chat feature that the company’s CEO previously discussed.

The CEO of the company previously said, “I think there are a lot of people who use direct messages all the time. And there are a lot of people who want to deepen friendships and relationships with people and do all kinds of other things. And I think that’s something we should have.

Clubhouse co-founder explained that building the feature to fit the app’s use cases wouldn’t be cliched and wouldn’t happen right away. He also declined to reveal whether the app was adding individual direct messages or a more open group text chat feature.

And the new Spotify counterfeit Greenroom offers its own live text chat room that users can access by swiping right in the app, giving it a little flexibility that Clubhouse doesn’t offer yet.

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