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Civilization VI: the return of Portugal as an Empire to the latest game in the series

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Portugal was, most likely, the most awaited civilization among the Civilization community, especially the Portuguese-speaking one, both for its growth and for its autonomy and dimension in the heyday of the Portuguese empire – times that marked history between virtues and disagreements. In Civilization V, the appearance of Portugal was excellent news for most players. However, to the sadness of the majority, the Portuguese appearance would not happen in the sixth edition of the series.

In order to remember the best moments in national history, some modders decided to recreate the Portuguese empire through some lines of code and images (a little amateurish) to create a whole civilization for all those who sought some nostalgia of the past and that in some way could be recreated to give shape and historical context to the game.

This seems to have had an impact on the development team, so much so that the inclusion of the Portuguese civilization – as the last civilization – in the “New Frontier Pass”- the latest DLC for Civilization VI. During the past few days (since the announcement) some of the details behind the new update have been presented. This Monday, March 22, some Portuguese classical instrumentals were published, alluding to the fado theme (which marks the history of our country).

Portugal come in Civilization 6 at the hands of King D. John III, often nicknamed “the Pious” or “the Settler” was the king of Portugal and Algarves during the period from 1521 to 1557 (at the time of his death). During his reign he was able to manage an entire vast empire, between Atlantic islands, continental territory in Malaysia, India, Africa and Brazil – where he concentrated his expansionist action. There are even records that, by the hands of João III, the Portuguese arrived in Nagasaki in Japan in 1543.

João III was an individual very fond of the Catholic religion, having allowed the introduction of the inquisition in Portugal in 1536, which motivated the flight of Jewish markets and the so-called “new Christians”. It began the colonization of Brazil, in order to guarantee the security of the seas and continental territory against piracy – which compromised trade between the former colony and the Portuguese nation. During his reign, he endured the death of the ten children he generated and also triggered a crisis that would become worse with the disappearance of the future King D. Sebastião.

The new update brings with it a single unit (of Portuguese invention), the Nau, and also two structures widely spread throughout the world (both in wisdom and in their presence): the Navigation School and the Feitoria (widely used, especially on the African continent). In addition to this, the “House of India”- which goes back to the time of the Indo-Portuguese trade route – and which significantly increases yields on international trade.

The leader in question, João III de Portugal, has the unique ability, “Siege Gate“, Which grants all units an expanded view of the territory, also increasing the capacity of commercial routes whenever the Portuguese civilization finds a new city, also allowing a wider opening of borders with all city-states (intensifying our excellent diplomacy , which dates back to medieval times).

The themes composed to be part of the soundtrack of da Portugal DLC are “Portugal – The Ancient Era (Fado Menor) ”by Cordeone; “Portugal – The Medieval Era (Fado Menor) ”by Geoff Knorr; “Portugal – The Industrial Era (Fado Menor) ”also under the responsibility of Geoff Knorr; “Portugal – The Atomic Era (Fado Menor) ”developed by Geoff Knorr and Phill Boucher.

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