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Citroën AMI: electric car arrives in Portugal (and FNAC) from €7350

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The Citroën AMI, a new, small and electric car, as well as safe for anyone aged 16 or over to drive without a driving license, is already on sale in Portugal and the cars are expected to be available during the month of September .

The price of the car starts at 7,350 euros and can go up to 8,710 depending on the version you choose. It stands out for following the same strategy as Tesla, focusing on online sales. However, there is a surprise with the Citroën AMI as the FNAC has already announced that it will also sell the car through the website and in physical stores.

There is no doubt that the price for an electric car is attractive, however, before jumping in, be careful, because despite calling it a car, it is not a normal car. It can be driven from the age of 16 with a B1 license and, due to its limitations, it fits into the quadricycle category. But let’s get to know more details about the electric car.


To start with, in terms of design, it has a futuristic design and a unique color, which stands out for its compact design, confirming its objective: to be a city car. The Citroën AMI is 2.41 m long and 28 cm shorter and 27 cm narrower than the current Smart Fortwo, featuring a turning diameter of 7.20 m and weighing a total of 485 kg. Obviously, these measures are interesting for the great challenge of parking in big cities.

In terms of engine, we have 8hp, which allow a maximum speed of 45 km/h, so it fits in quads and can be driven by people aged 16 and over, with the proper license for the effect. In terms of battery, it has 5.5kWh of lithium ion and that allows a autonomy of up to 70km, being that it can be fully charged in just three hours through a common household outlet of 220v.

There are still some details that you should mention: no air conditioning, no ABS, airbag, high beam, interior rearview mirror, radio, GPS, luggage compartment or electric windows. The idea was to offer city rum as cheap as possible, but that can be tricky to use when there are extreme temperatures.

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