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Cinemas chain attacks Warner Bros. and will debut Mortal Kombat before streaming

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“We see this agreement as an important milestone in our 100-year relationship with Warner Bros.,” Cineworld CEO Mooky Greidinger told Variety in a statement.

With the coronavirus pandemic, Cineworld had closed 536 Regal cinemas in the USA and 127 cineworld and picturehouse rooms in the United Kingdom. It temporarily opened some cinemas at the end of last year, but quickly closed them when the number of infections rose.

Now, with vaccination levels of around 25 percent in the US and more than 50 percent in the UK, cinemas hope that the reopenings could happen soon and will be permanent. This is how Regal Cinemas announced that it will reopen North American theaters on April 2 with the release of Godzilla vs. Kong from Warner Bros., Deadline reported. And that debut will be followed on April 16 with New Line’s Mortal Kombat.

Cinemas chain attacks Warner Bros and will debut Mortal Kombat

Cineworld has also made a deal with Warner Bros. to showcase their 2021 releases, at the same time as they are launched on HBO Max. In 2022, Cineworld will have an exclusive window of 45 days before the titles are released on streaming services.

Warner Bros. I had already announced that I would be launching new films simultaneously with HBO Max and in the cinema chains, eliminating the window of exclusivity that cinemas normally appreciate. This led AMC, the leader of movie theaters in the USA, to punish the studio, although Regal gave a more thoughtful statement at the time. Warner Bros. he later clarified that he would first launch his 2023 film schedule in theaters, but he had said nothing about films scheduled for 2022, that is until now.

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In Cineworld’s second largest market, the United Kingdom, Warner Bros. agreed to an exclusive 31-day theatrical window as soon as the cinemas open in May. That would extend to 45 days for films that achieved box office revenue. “We are very happy with the agreement with Warner Bros.

This agreement shows the studio’s commitment to the theatrical business.

Source: Engadget

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