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Chromebooks are receiving the beta of Android 11

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Anyone who knows Chromebook devices knows the benefits they offer to users of the Google operating system, as well as the wide variety of existing applications for Chrome OS.

But finally, Chromebooks are about to receive the final version of Android 11 that will provide them with new features and better performance. But for now, Android 11 is still in the version beta.

On the whole, Android 11 will not be a revolution, but it will be worth it for bringing some important features. One of them is the inclusion of the dark theme. With the Chrome OS 89 version and in its first update, it had signaled to developers that an option to activate dark mode in Android applications would be coming soon.

Chromebooks are receiving the beta of Android 11

Once enabled, it means that Chrome OS will display apps just like on the Play Store and also Google Home with night mode (as in the image below).

However this will not work on every part of the operating system, but in any case it is to be commended that this feature arrives at a time when Chrome OS had this shortcoming.

With the arrival of Android 11, Chrome OS is also changing the way it works in general with Android applications. Thus, applications will run on a virtual machine such as Linux or Parallels for Windows. This means, therefore, that security will be greatly improved since it becomes more difficult to software malicious use of Android applications as an access point.

1616669720 734 Chromebooks are receiving the beta of Android 11In addition, Android 11 on Chrome OS will also improve the scale factor Android applications. According to the website Android Police, Google would have already tried to bring this new functionality in some previous versions of Chrome OS, but it never got to be disseminated globally as it caused problems in the respective applications.

When changes are applied using this option, we will see changes in the font size as well as the layout overview of Android applications.

Source: 9to5Google

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