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Chip Crisis conditions production of BMW, Honda and Ford

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Due to the chip crisis, Ford, in the United States, foresees a reduction of production in the order of 50% in the current financial quarter. The Japanese company Honda announced the interruption of production in three factories in a period of five to six days from next month. As for the German brand BMW, it limited itself to reporting delays at its facilities in Germany and England.

Contrary to the efforts of manufacturers, the chip crisis remains on an upward trend. The great demand for this product by other industries ended up precipitating a widespread rupture in the chip market, a market that had already been adding losses with the closure of factories due to the pandemic.

There is also a deterioration in one of the sectors most affected by this crisis: the automotive sector. According to Bloomberg, automakers on three continents are announcing production cuts. In the automotive industry, semiconductors are used to power advanced driver assistance systems, including anti-lock braking and parking assistance. The more technology that is put in cars, the more chips they require.

Chip Crisis conditions production of BMW Honda and Ford

In effect, the crisis has also translated into longer waiting times for car buyers. According to the New York Times, Porsche would have alerted dealers in the United States that customers may have to wait another 12 weeks to receive their cars.

Technological products such as PS5, Xbox Series X / S and iPhone 12, which use these chips, in addition to being rapidly depleted, suffered delays or even had to extend delivery times.

The news is not good for the tech industry. Giants like Apple and Samsung have admitted that the chip shortage will have a significant impact in the short term. For now, these two brands underscore confidence in a vast purchasing network, despite the pressure to produce more internal processors.

Source: Engadget

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