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China limits Tesla vehicle circulation due to espionage fears

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Tesla’s sales have been increasing year on year around the world. One of the countries with the highest sales figures for the brand is China, part of which is due to Tesla Giga Shangai, the huge factory of the American company located in Shanghai.

Despite the success of the American brand in China, the Beijing government is not as fan of the brand as the rest of the population due to various fears of espionage, as a consequence it began to ban the use of Tesla vehicles in certain locations.

The limitations prohibit the entry of any American brand vehicle in locations belonging to the Chinese armed forces, any location or company belonging to the Chinese state and even certain condominiums where workers who belong to branches that work with sensitive information live. To add to the government’s limitations, some companies have also started asking their employees not to drive to work if they own a Tesla vehicle.

China limits Tesla vehicle circulation due to espionage fears

The fears of espionage are due to the fact that the vehicles of the North American brand have several built-in cameras. Someone will be able to use this equipment to monitor and collect information about locations or even people of interest. The front camera of the Model Y can record up to 10 minutes and still has a buffer built-in that can extend the recording up to one hour, Sentry mode on the same vehicle that records incidents can also record up to ten minutes before the incident itself.

Both Model Y and Model 3 also have an inward facing camera. Therefore, speaking in a theoretical way it is possible to map a military base or infrastructure using a Tesla and still end up registering possible people of interest.

Meanwhile, Elon Musk has already responded to the current situation through an online forum. The Tesla founder expressed that he would be forced to “close doors” if the brand used its vehicles for espionage.

On the other hand, we should also look at the side of the United States that marked Huawei, a Chinese brand, as a possible threat to national security. Therefore, the new Tesla marking by China could be a form of retaliation for what has already happened.

Source: The Verge

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