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China blamed for attack on Microsoft Exchange servers

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The alliance is formed, it is composed of member states of NATO, the European Union, Australia, New Zealand and Japan, it is all prepared to face the global threat posed by cyber attacks sponsored by a Chinese state.

The group will share information about cyber threats and collaborate on network defenses and security.

In its first joint action, the alliance formally accuses China’s Ministry of State Security (MSS) of having carried out a global campaign of cyber attacks.

The attack was carried out by criminal hackers who work for MSS and also engage in cyber extortion, cryptojacking, and cyber ransomware.

China blamed for attack on Microsoft Exchange servers

The attack on the Microsoft Exchange server became public in March and is believed to have reached at least 30,000 US organizations and hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.

Dubbed the Hafnium, the Chinese spy network was quickly identified by Microsoft.

The delay in naming China served to give investigators time to gather evidence to prove that Hafnium hackers were linked to the Chinese state.

We live at a time when cyber warfare is becoming the front line in a global power struggle between democracies and autocratic states. This new cybersecurity alliance is set to become a model for future efforts to address similar threats.

On Friday, the United States sanctioned seven Chinese officials in response to Beijng’s crackdown on Hong Kong’s democratic institutions.

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The US has issued a business statement warning US companies of potential data and privacy breaches by the Chinese government. US wants American companies to put an end to business in Hong Kong.

Beijing’s economic power around the world makes it extremely difficult for any group of countries to agree on concrete actions against China. Today much of the world is dependent on Chinese trade.

This new group wants to bring more countries together, to gain more power to fight China. “We are not ruling out other actions to hold China accountable, but we are also aware that no action can change China’s behavior,” a member of the group said.

Source: Cnbc

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