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Cheap Clones May Reveal Some Apple Watch 7 Redesign

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If you’d like to preview the Apple Watch 7 redesign before its scheduled release in September, it’s worth taking a look at the cheap clones now being released by Chinese manufacturers.

As shared by a known leaker @MajinBuOfficial, the copies show the larger, flatter form factor that was widely regarded as Apple’s flagship in 2021 – even if they’re not quite as good as real ones.

While these low-priced clones don’t confirm the design of the next Apple Watch, they were presumably assembled using information from Apple’s supply chain — and they match the renders leaked so far.

Seeing is believing

In a significant shift, Apple appears to be changing the aesthetics of its smartwatch to more closely match the look of the iPhone 12 and the latest iPad Pro models: flatter edges and corners that make the front of the device more distinct from the sides.

It’s a design we’ve seen several times now, which makes us more confident that it’s actually in development – ​​even though Apple itself hasn’t confirmed what the successor to the Apple Watch 6 will look like, or when it will come out.

From what we’ve heard so far, the Apple Watch 7 will be available in two case sizes, but both will be a millimeter larger than before – so 41mm and 45mm, respectively. We should find out for sure within a month or two.

The Apple Watch’s stylish design is one of the reasons it’s such a popular device – Apple’s compact size, sleek curves and excellent build quality mean it feels like a superior product.

However, the wearable hasn’t really changed much in terms of its appearance since it appeared in 2015, which means a makeover must now be done. From what we’ve seen so far, it looks like Apple has done well.

When you’re evaluating the leaked renderings so far, keep in mind that they weren’t made by Apple – and so the original articles will look more impressive and have that special sparkle that Apple can work on its hardware.

Changing the appearance of an iconic gadget like the Apple Watch is a risk – but it’s a risk Apple had to take to keep the smartwatch up to date and interesting. It makes a lot of sense for the device to line up with the phones and tablets that Apple manufactures.


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