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Change your iMessage profile picture

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Come Application iMessage to be the official messaging app for iPhone and iOS devices in general. This means that you receive text messages directly on it as well as send them through it, in addition to that, it works within its own network that is exclusive to Apple devices. Like other chat apps, you may want to edit or customize your profile, here’s how to change your iMessage profile picture

How to change your profile picture in iMessage:

Head to the application on your phone, then open it, and then click on the Edit button located at the top of the phone.

Then choose Edit Name and Picture to go to the edit your profile screen.

Change your iMessage profile picture

After that, the application takes you to the screen of editing the profile picture and name, then change the picture as you wish and put the new name you want.

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The application gives you the choice to share the name and the new photo or not, but choose to share the photo and name so that you can control your personal photo on other phones.


And you can press the edit button under the profile picture to choose your photos that are suitable for you or choose one of the Animoji images for the iPhone.

You can also take a picture directly from the phone’s camera.

The most important features of the application:

iMessage offers you a bunch of different features that make it the best fast messaging app on iPhone, and it beats WhatsApp and Telegram.

Great privacy is the most important feature of iMessage, as no one can spy on and access your messages without your permission.

Therefore, many privacy lovers prefer to use the application instead of the widespread messaging applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram.

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You can also send money directly via iMessage to other iPhone users, but only if your country is supported by Apple Pay.

In order to use this feature, you must register your bank card in the service and use it.

You can opt out of iMessage alerts and then make them appear only to the users you want to reach.

This is different from WhatsApp, which forces you to cancel messages arriving for all users simultaneously at once.

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