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Casio Announces First ‘Wear OS’ Smartwatch in Iconic G-Shock Formation

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With rumors of an Apple Watch focused on extreme sport on the horizon, Casio and other big name smartwatch makers may soon face much more competition. But on paper, at least, the GSW-H1000 seems to be up to the challenge. Its two-tiered screen includes a monochrome and color panel.

The GSW-H1000 comes with many of the features expected in a smartwatch focused on physical fitness. There is an optical heart rate sensor, and the built-in casio software supports 15 activities and 24 internal training options.

The watch supports GPS and has a built-in compass, altitude sensor, accelerometer, and gyrometer. ´Wear OS´ means that Google Assistant and Google Fit are supported, and we can download applications from Google Play. In terms of hardware, the watch has a 1.2 inch 360 x 360, double-layered screen that combines an LCD screen, always on, monochrome, and with a color LCD panel.

The battery life is estimated at about a day and a half if you are using the color screen, extending up to a month if you only use the clock for timing and sensors.

A full charge takes about three hours, according to Casio. So, in summary, Casio now announces the first Wear OS smartwatch in its long G-Shock line: the GSW-H1000. The watch will be sold at retail for $ 699 in the USA (around € 595) or £ 599 in the United Kingdom (around € 703), and in some European markets it is aimed at € 699, and will be available in red, blue or black.

With shock resistance and water resistance to a depth of 200 meters, Casio says the GSW-H1000 is a wearable focused on fitness and designed for everything from surfing to snowboarding.

The watchmaker has been launching devices using Google’s ´Smartwatch OS´ since 2016, when he launched Casio Smart Outdoor, powered by Android Wear. And this is the first time that Google software has appeared on a G-Shock watch. The G-Shock alignment dates back to the 1980s, and watches have a reputation for being some of the most exhausting.

Casio Announces First 'Wear OS' Smartwatch in Iconic G-Shock Formation

Source: TheVerge

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