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Can Wear OS 3 compete with Apple’s watchOS

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161171711 Wear OS rarely comes, especially since it’s not so popular with smartwatch users. Or a follower of the technical field in general.

It is reported that in 2020, the best-selling companies in the field of smart watches were Apple, Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung, and Fitbit. All of these companies do not use Wear OS. Except for Xiaomi, who uses it on the Mi Watch, but it is so modified that the user does not recognize its presence.

On the other hand, among the top 20 selling smartwatches on Amazon, there is none with Wear OS. And if you didn’t know yet, Wear OS is Google’s smartwatch operating system, i.e. Android for watches.

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Google neglects Wear OS

Google started developing Wear OS with the same mindset as Android. The company wanted to produce an integrated operating system for smartwatches, and then sell it – that is, a license to use it – to hundreds of smartwatch manufacturers, just as it does with Android.

But there was a major difference between Android and its counterpart on watches. Which is that Android benefits from almost monthly updates, great interest from companies and from Google itself, but on the contrary, Google Watch OS has been a victim of severe neglect.

Samsung and Google save the system

This situation remained for many years, until… announced Google suddenly in the middle of last May announced a major update to Wear OS. Later we learned that these updates are a rebuild of the system in cooperation with Samsung! Where the expertise of Google and Samsung will be integrated into the development stages.

Samsung currently owns the Tizen operating system. It is already used in its smart watches, but the upcoming Galaxy Watch 4 next August will come instead with the new system, and as we understand, the system will be redeveloped by the joint efforts of the two companies.

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Shape is not everything كل

Wear OS is good looking, and may be the best looking among the competitors, and a company like Fossil with its many sub-brands makes beautiful looking watches, but it doesn’t achieve the expected success, because the most important thing is performance not appearance.

The user of smart watches usually expects that his watch will give him an acceptable battery life, a good shape of the system, effective use of the screen, and high efficiency in running applications, and these things the system struggled to provide, although they are the basics.

Quite the exception, Apple Watches provide a very unique experience of use, in addition to an excellent form of the system, and actual useful performance such as Fall Detection features, tracking health status and heart rate, or even measuring the percentage of oxygen in the blood.

Do you know who else manages to offer these advantages? It’s Samsung! By relying on its Tizen system, which it has fully developed, and now Google and Samsung will combine their expertise, and the Wear OS system will benefit from the efficiency and effectiveness of Tizen, while Samsung watches will begin to take advantage of the Play Store in full! Perhaps this is the only duo capable of facing Apple.

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