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Buying Microsoft Flight Simulator for Xbox Series X or S? You will need more space!

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The aviation simulator has millions of fans around the world and is one of Microsoft’s most successful PC games. With the arrival of the next generation console from Microsoft, expectations are high and the launch of the game has been expected for some time, which will happen next week, on July 27th.

We know that games take up more and more space, and on the PC we have been aware of this for some time, but with the arrival of the new generation of consoles it seems that the gaming space will reach the level of PCs and we already know what it will be. the space Microsoft Flight Simulator will require on the new Xbox Series X | Y… And it won’t be small.

The Microsoft Flight Simulator Standard Edition will require at least 97.2GB of free space on Xbox Series X/S consoles, which represents about 12% of the total 802GB of SSD storage available for the 1TB version. This information was found in the pre-installation section of the game’s general purchase page.

Buying Microsoft Flight Simulator for Xbox Series X or S

What’s more interesting is that the Microsoft Store listing on the console says the game has an approximate size of 147.6 GB. This size has been listed for all game versions – standard, deluxe and premium deluxe. While this may sound like a lot, keep in mind that more than 2.5 petabytes of map data is transmitted to Flight Sim players via Azure servers. Flight Simulator is also taking advantage of the artificial intelligence capabilities of the new Xbox Series X/S consoles.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is one of the most demanding PC games, but Asobo has released a new update that doubles frame rates in specific scenes. The team optimized Flight Simulator to run at a base of 4K 30FPS on consoles due to the demanding nature of the game.

Flight Sim will be released on July 27th on X/S Series consoles and will be free on Xbox Game Pass.

Helicopters will arrive soon

Great news for the Microsoft Flight Simulator community as the development team has agreed to address its most requested feature – adding helicopters to the flight simulator app.

In a development update, the Asobo Studio team revealed their most popular feedback requests, and helicopters top the list.

The good news is that the information also indicates that support is being planned for delivery in 2022.

Of course, you can already add helicopters as a mod to the game, but official support should bring much more realism to the aircraft’s performance.

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