Buy Bitcoin with Vodafone Cash

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Buy Bitcoin with Vodafone Cash It is one of the easy ways through which anyone who has a Vodafone SIM on his phone can buy bitcoin or any digital currency he wants, but there are several steps that must be taken first in order to be able to receive your balance safely, as you cannot deal directly with the trading platforms or companies that sell Cryptocurrencies or Bitcoin in particular, let’s find out how to use Vodafone Cash wallet to buy Bitcoin and how to sell Bitcoin for Vodafone Cash.

Buy Bitcoin with Vodafone Cash

Buy Bitcoin with Vodafone Cash

Buying bitcoin with Vodafone Cash can be one of the most difficult things that many people have faced in recent years, in which platforms and companies dealing with digital currencies have spread on the Internet and a lot of interest in trading science, especially cryptocurrency trading, which has gained great popularity since the Corona pandemic and people searched for work on the Internet. Internet.

Thus, buying bitcoin has become the investment they resort to in that difficult period, which destroyed many economic pillars in the world for quite some time, and since most of those who live in Egypt own Vodafone Cash, which many use to make daily money transfers via the Internet, but there are limits to your transactions. There is also control over these transfers, which are rejected by law because they are considered funds of unknown origin, even if they are your primary funds.

To bypass those problems that you may encounter in your financial dealings on the Internet, you must know that there are people called intermediaries who are interested in transferring money from any reliable source, meaning that the funds are not restricted to Vodafone Cash or any bank account. The way someone else lives with you in the same country.

Hence the idea for many programmers who created a limited number of electronic banks or brokerage sites and groups and a limited number because many fraudsters can do these groups or communication sites and use them to steal your money, but we will nominate reliable sites and groups through which you can buy any digital currency for Vodafone Cash or any bank account.

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Electronic Bank Airtm

Airtm electronic bank is one of the best brokers on the Internet and it is a reliable P2P bank, which means that there are many currency traders who want to exchange between a specific currency of the country in which they live for US dollars or any electronic or digital currency such as Bitcoin or Ethereum The exchange of currencies with each other takes place on the platform or the electronic bank Airtm and it is the intermediary between the two parties.

There are many people who use that bank to work from the price difference and the commission that you pay when transferring, which varies from person to person, and you are free to choose between the party you want to exchange with and Airtm electronic bank is fair between the two parties 100% as if one of the parties defrauded The other party and not sending the agreed balance, the contract will be terminated immediately and the funds will be returned to their owners without losing any balance. If the matter requires a trial between the two parties by an official from the bank, this will be done, and the two parties must prove the exchanges that took place and the manager is the one who judges between them fairly.

Many Arabs, especially Egyptians, use Airtm electronic bank to complete their financial transactions, so the bank includes all payment methods from Vodafone, Orange, Etisalat Cash, as well as Master Card, bank account, or electronic banks such as nettler or Skrill, and you can also pay the bank via a wallet address or a platform to save currencies. digital.

All you have to do is login to next link And register with one click through your e-mail account, then the bank will ask you to verify your account, which will consist of 3 steps, which is to write your name, address, home number and some personal information about you as if you are opening a real account in a real bank and not electronic.

After that, the bank will ask you to photocopy personal identification papers for you, such as a passport, ID card or driver’s license, and ask you to take a picture of yourself with the proof of identity that you provided before in the form of a jpg, then you will have to deposit $ 5 to activate the account and open a new account. Through it, dealing with Vodafone Cash and converting it to dollars, digital dollars or any other digital currency on many methods of receiving from electronic banks or even digital currency wallets.

Airtm Bank is distinguished that it contains the feature of paying with a virtual bank card that the bank provides to you in your name, through which you can pay on any website or buy anything from electronic markets, and the site renews the card every time you use it with a balance percentage that you specify to be issued in the virtual bank card .

In the end, we have shown you how to buy Bitcoin with Vodafone Cash, how to make an electronic bank account on Airtm Bank, as well as how to document that bank account to work legally and how you can sell Bitcoin to Vodafone Cash through Airtm Bank.

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