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British government buys 11,000 iPhone SE

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The UK Department of Work and Pensions is set to purchase 11,000 iPhone SE smartphones that include IBM software support.

Apple and IBM partnered to bring hardware and software solutions to the enterprise back in 2014.

Reported Reports The UK Department of Work and Pensions does not actually buy iPhones SE through Apple, but has signed a contract through distributor XMA to buy 11,000 iPhones SE at £ 380 instead of the regular £ 399.

The Ministry of Work and Pensions in the United Kingdom also got some additions, as the Ministry’s equipment is supplied, As part of the deal, signs of tamper-proof assets including barcodes and numbers are marked, with XMA providing details of the tag number, IMEI and serial number of each phone released.

The UK Department of Work and Pensions is also purchasing access to IBM’s two-year iOS support through another third-party, Bramble Hub.

IPhones were purchased by the UK Department of Work and Pensions through a Crown Commercial Service framework agreement for technology products and associated services, which provides devices and associated services with access to 37 suppliers.

The department also awarded purchasing consulting firm Bramble Hub a £ 4.25 million deal to provide independent third-party support for IBM software for a period of 24 months. Using the CCS G-Cloud 12 Cloud Support Suite.

Origina, which supports more than 800 IBM software products acquired by HCL Technologies, is listed as a subcontractor.

It is not clear whether the decision by the UK Department of Work and Pensions to work with outside parties is linked to more than one Price instead of working directly with Apple and IBM, but ultimately, they are growing Market share of Apple and IBM enterprises.

One of the biggest purchases of Apple and IBM in the past has been from United Airlines, and Apple and Verizon have teamed up This year in the new Fleet Swap for the enterprise market to easily upgrade commercial iPhones.

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