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Boston Dynamics robot dog to take on a new role

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The well-known robot dog Spot, from Boston Dynamics, has already had an enviable career and has now started working as a safety inspector in one of the factories of Kia, a subsidiary of Hyundai, in South Korea.

Local officials announced on Friday that the new robot will work at a local Kia factory. It will help them carry out night patrols to ensure greater security and will try to identify problems before they happen. If the work is successful, the company is considering expanding its work to other factories.

“The Factory Safety Service Robot is the first collaborative project with Boston Dynamics. The robot will help detect hazards and protect the safety of people in industrial sites,” said Hyun Dong-jin, head of Hyundai Motor Group Robotics Lab. “We will also continue to build smart services that anticipate hazards in industrial sites and help create a safe working environment through ongoing collaboration with Boston Dynamics,” he adds.


Hyundai said in a statement that Spot is able to detect people around it, monitor high temperature situations and potential fire hazards thanks to its thermal camera and 3D LiDAR sensor. The robot can be remotely controlled, allowing engineers to observe several remote industrial areas. Using a navigation feature based on Artificial Intelligence technology, the robot moves autonomously in the area it has been assigned to work on.

By having an integrated Artificial Intelligence system, Spot will have the ability to send alert messages directly to those responsible for the factory, whenever it sees any situation that could endanger any employee. Images of the Spot route are released in real time and all your steps are recorded. It is even possible to request some specific tasks from the robot through manual programming.

However, NASA has also had a growing interest in Spot, and has recently been the target of testing. Note that Hyundai acquired Boston Dynamics.

Source: CNET

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