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Bloodborne returns with Return to Yharnam event

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Bloodborne celebrated its sixth birthday last March 24th and due to this occasion many fans are returning to the game in force. This return is an event created by the community and is given by the name Return to Yharnam (Return to Yharnam), with Yharnam being the city where the action of Bloodborne takes place.

The main objectives of the event are the celebration of Bloodborne’s birthday and cooperation between players, since the use of cooperative mode is highly encouraged by the event. The organizers also published a short list of rules / suggestions that participants can follow:

  • Create a new character from scratch
  • Summon as many supporters and opponents as possible throughout the game
  • Define the settings for matchmaking to cover the whole world
  • Try to defeat at least two players per zone using PvP mode
  • Leave messages on flashlights with the phrase “You’re in the know, right?”

In addition to the adventures and goals that await everyone in the game, the event is also promoting a sweepstakes and an art contest. Through the contest five lucky fans will have the opportunity to win a month’s subscription to Discord Nitro. The art competition will take place in parallel with the rest even though there is no information about a possible prize for the winner.

Bloodborne returns with Return to Yharnam event

Return to Yharnam is an event organized exclusively by the Bloodborne community and is the anniversary event version of this game, with each Souls-style game having its own “Return” event. All of this is organized through the community’s Discord server and Bloodborne’s subReddit, the first of which will have event updates in real time while the second mentioned will serve as the stage for the ongoing art contest.

The event is also a great way for Soul-style game players to wait for Elden Ring, the next game from From Software that will have a storyline written by George RR Martin. Return to Yharnam will run until the 7th of April, however a large part of the community will be able to continue celebrating after the scheduled date.

Source: TheGamer

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