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Blackview BL5000: rugged smartphone with gaming specs

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The game gives a sense of accomplishment when winning or deep frustration when defeated by opponents, which attracts more and more players to the exciting gaming world. Playing on a regular smartphone or gaming phone is no stranger to us, but we don’t find it when we think of a rugged or rugged smartphone. Blackview BL5000, is the robust phone with 2021 gaming specifications and which is an option for those looking to combine gaming with robustness.

In games, it’s sometimes inevitable that your expensive and delicate smartphone will be damaged. You can impulsively destroy it because of failure resulting only from a small mistake made or by your stupid gamemates. You might accidentally drop it to the ground as you wildly celebrate your triumph Or it might be destroyed by your wife and parents because of your gambling addiction. As a rugged phone, the Blackview BL5000 features military-grade ruggedness and superior resistance to drops, dust and water that would affect any conventional smartphone. It could be the most reliable gaming partner.

However, playing with the phone’s robustness is obviously far from enough. You’re definitely not going to sacrifice more game specs just for durability. The Blackview BL5000 goes above and beyond in configuration and specs like no other rugged phone, making it capable of easily playing hundreds of graphics-intensive large-scale 3D games like the Gensin Impact. Maybe you have the characters equipped with the best artifacts or weapons, but you still need powerful phone features like strong support to get the most out of it.


Whether it’s building a base to defend enemies, driving the car to the end or shooting for a triple kill, nobody likes lag. It’s quite annoying that when you’re just steps away from victory, your game suddenly freezes and doesn’t respond for up to a minute, for which, of course, you’ll lose the game. Under the hood, the Blackview BL5000 includes the 7nm MediaTek Dimensity 700 processor with 8GB RAM, UFS 2.2 128GB ROM, 5G dual connectivity and MediaTek HyperEngine, powerful enough to allow smooth gameplay without any latency.

In the heat of battle, your smartphone will be visibly overheated with the CPU running at full speed, which brings game crashes or even jeopardizes your phone’s lifespan. Maybe you can stop your fun and quit the game and wait for a while to cool down or clear the excessive background of running apps to make the game a little faster and smoother. However, nothing is as useful as having a strong cooling system like the BL5000’s 3D copper tube liquid cooling system to dissipate heat and control temperature.


Gaming on a phone is quite different from a PC in that the latter can be charged all the time for uninterrupted power. A small-capacity smartphone battery requires frequent charging. Energy will be consumed quickly if you are running demanding titles. What’s worse, the phone only supports slow charging. In general, you need to be very patient to wait for a long time until you’re recharged with enough battery power to restart your combat. Maybe at this time it’s hard for you to get into the gaming mood, but with the BL5000 you’re always ready for power with a 4980mAh battery and UltraSave mode, 30W quick charge and a specialized L-shaped charging cable.

In fact, not all players are playing for excitement. Maybe you are collecting all the characters in the game and their exquisite skins, interested in looking for the materials to build weapons and level up, or fascinated by the vivid world or wonderful stories, etc. Every time you launch the game app, you feel fulfilled.

You can start your gaming journey with the BL5000’s cool RGB backlight and specially designed game user interface, see splendid backdrops from the 6.36” FHD+ screen with 400ppi pixel, listen to your favorite movies or series clearly from the top. speaker and immerse yourself with game mode.


Overall, the Blackview BL5000 satisfies what you expect from the best gaming experience, which won’t be inferior to any of the leading smartphones and gaming phones. It will be your perfect robust gaming companion to challenge, overcome loss and fight for the champion in the game.

As for the price, at banggood, O BL5000 is available for $299.99 (€250) ($200 off, Includes VAT plus a Free $49 TWS Blackview AirBuds Gift 3) from 2nd to 8th August. Major European and American countries enjoy free delivery. From August 3rd to 6th PT, 100 extra $20 coupons (Code: BGBVBL5000) are offered per day, so take advantage. At the AliExpress, incredible discounts will be available in mid-August.

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