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Bizneo HR, the best Human Resources Software option

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In an HR department there are numerous administrative and routine processes that can be automated (and also improved). One HR software allows you to take personnel management to another level.


The importance of the recruitment process

Developing a recruitment and selection process is neither an easy task nor a task that should be undertaken lightly. Regardless of the size of the company, its industry or business model, the recruitment process is always a decisive moment for the company.

Several studies confirm that bad hiring can result in financial losses for the company equivalent to 31% of the employee’s annual salary. That’s why more and more companies are choosing to take advantage of the best digital tools and HR software to address this sensitive issue.

Preparation for the process: recruitment and pre-selection

In recruiting processes, it is common to work with different sources and candidate databases. Often, the information to be analyzed is so voluminous that this preliminary task ends up taking up a great deal of time for those responsible for the process. Simultaneously, there is the risk that applications are not properly filtered.

ATS software, also known as Recruitment and Selection Software, can work with over 200 recruiting sources automatically, sifting through the available CVs based on previously entered criteria. The idea is to leave only those candidates that fully match the profiles that the HR department has defined as necessary for the company.

The potential of this tool for this beginning of the selection process does not end there. The HR software “also” offers the possibility to enter “Killer Questions”, ie a series of questions that help to understand if the candidate meets or does not meet the requirements for the respective position.


The “Killer Questions” are closed questions with a score associated with each possible answer. Exclusion questions can also be asked, for example, if the candidate is not willing to change residence when this is mandatory for the position. It is important to note that the HR system allows you to adapt the format of these questions to the characteristics of the process (especially if you are not working with recruiting sources).

Coordination, precision and rigor at a key moment

Once the recruiting process itself has started, the recruiting and selection software makes the job of recruiters easier by offering them centralized access to informations generated during the process. The exchange of documents, comments or evaluations is more agile and teamwork is facilitated, in addition to helping to make the process more fluid.

In addition to operational issues, the development of the selection process also benefits from the functionalities of the HR software. For example, different types of tests can be scheduled to advance the assessment of candidates. One of the most important possibilities in this context is the use of psychometric tests, which measure both the skills and the personality of the candidate.. This makes it much more likely that the candidate will be able to quickly adapt to the company’s internal dynamics.


As mentioned earlier, candidates also benefit from the digitization of the recruitment process. they all receive notifications with relevant information about your status in the process and can access the calendar of pending actions at any time. Finally, they can also receive a more thorough and detailed assessment of the reasons for a hypothetical exclusion.

More than recruiting

Selection of the best performing candidates is not, interestingly, the last step in the process. of recruitment. After new employees join the company, it is essential to verify that they adapt to the new work environment and if they achieve the desired performance. This can be achieved with a good program. Onboarding, however, other metrics also need to be considered.

Performance Assessment Software helps detect possible flaws or areas for improvement in the employee’s work. This information allows them to act quickly, for example, changing the role of the employee, taking a direct interest in their experience in the company or, if there is a training deficit, offering them the chance to improve in those areas where they are underperforming.


With the data obtained, the HR department can use the Professional Training Software to help employees fill the training gaps identified in the assessment process. This HR system offers different features for reinforce or update your knowledge without these being overloaded with work. In addition, it is the worker who takes responsibility for managing their own training.


Digitizing different parts of the business helps make the company’s operational processes more efficient and eases the HR department’s to-do list. It also helps to create a corporate culture that gives employees greater autonomy and provides them with full information about their obligations as well as supports their growth.

Other examples are the Online Time & Attendance Software, which records the working hours of all employees (even on a telecommuting system), or the Employee Holiday and Absence Management Software, which allows for a better management of absences staff, days off and rest periods.


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