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BioWare will include an unprecedented mode in Mass Effect

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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will debut on May 14 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, and will also be playable on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S through backward compatibility. Project director Mac Walters took advantage of his social media to surprise fans by revealing that Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will include a new feature in the original trilogy: a Photo Mode, in which we will be able to capture an image of the game scene.

The producer explained that this addition was the responsibility of the Technical Director of Design, Brenon Holmes, who took this addition as a project of passion, and according to him, this feature will be compatible with all games in the trilogy and will be present in all platforms.

In effect, this is a surprise, and Mass Effect will include an unprecedented photographic mode, in which it will allow you to take photographs with many options for the first time in the original trilogy.

Thus, Electronic Arts will soon spoil Mass Effect fans with a large remastered collection, the Legendary Edition, and being an improved edition, it was expected that it would only have renewed graphics and optimized performance applied to all DLCs, however, Electronic Arts has just revealed that it will also have this very interesting photo capture addition.

With graphical improvements, combat and UI improvements, additional character customization options, and much more, much attention was paid to the first game in the series. Launched in 2007, there is still a nostalgic charm for the classic RPG that started it all, but it is hard to ignore how dated Mass Effect feels, even so, by today’s standards.

Of all the changes and improvements detailed so far with respect to the first game, there is much to be excited about, but what is most apparent is how BioWare seems to balance by bringing the original Mass Effect more in line with Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3, while still retaining the classic parts of the game’s DNA that fans remember.

If you want to see a test of the type of photographic material you can generate with this new feature, we invite you to see the great Garrus photograph in Mass Effect that Walters shared, in which we can see different options that can be manipulated to achieve the desired effect. aesthetic.

Source: Gadgetcrutches

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