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Biden’s Comments on COVID-19 Leads Facebook to Oppose

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Facebook reacted against President Biden’s comment that social media platforms were “killing people” with COVID-19’s misinformation. Facebook in a post states that “the facts tell a very different story from the one promoted by the government in recent days.”

“At a time when COVID-19 cases are on the rise in America, the Biden government has decided to blame a handful of American social media companies,” Rosen wrote.

“Although social media plays an important role in society, it is clear that we need a society-wide approach to end this pandemic.”

Bidens Comments on COVID 19 Leads Facebook to Oppose

NBC News reporter Peter Alexander last Friday asked Biden what his message was “for platforms like Facebook.” The president replied: “they are killing people, the only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated, and they are killing people with misinformation.”

President Biden’s goal was for 70% of Americans to be vaccinated by July 4th. That goal was missed, and Biden tries to shift the blame to media companies, most notably Facebook.

According to Rosen’s post, Facebook worked with Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh and the University of Maryland on a global survey of COVID-19 symptoms, testing and vaccination rates.

The results, as Rosen writes, show that 85% of Facebook users in the United States have or want to be vaccinated against the coronavirus. Facebook isn’t the reason that goal wasn’t met,” Rosen added.

Biden’s comment came as pressure mounts from the White House toward Facebook and other social platforms to better stem the flow of misinformation about the coronavirus vaccine.

A Facebook spokesman said the “accusations” were not supported by facts. Several Republicans also expressed concern about the White House’s efforts. Congressman Ken Buck (R-CO) said the White House was “conspiring with Facebook to censor Americans.”

Source: TheVerge

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