Best ways to fix stuck notifications on Android 11

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App notifications are a blessing and a curse at the same time. Too many notifications annoy many, but the lack of notifications means that you may miss important alerts, and with the Android 11 operating system, many users have experienced interruption of app notifications, which led to users losing important notifications.

By updating the Android 11 operating system, Google has developed its notification center, there are quite a few customization options including chat bubbles, however all those features mean nothing if you don’t get your main notifications, and here are the best ways to fix the stop Notifications on Android 11.

What are the best ways to fix stuck notifications on Android 11?


The app’s cache may cause the notifications to get stuck so you need to clear the cache with simple steps, just long press on the app to access its settings and then scroll down to Storage.

stop notifications

Then you have to click on the Clear cache option, and if that is the reason behind the stop notifications, once you have completed those steps, the notifications will appear again and if the problem persists, you should follow the next method.

Update the app

The phone may be updating its operating system but it is still running an old version of the app and most of the time the app is updating in the background without having to manually check it.

It is very easy to update the application by going to the Google Play Store and then searching for the application and clicking on the update button if the application has a newer version than the one you own, and when you finish updating it, you may overcome the problem of stopping notifications.

Check notification settings

stop notifications

The notification center on Android phones has received many changes over the years, and on Android 11 you can modify notifications on WhatsApp and Instagram, for example you can disable notifications for direct messages, comments, or friend requests.

To be able to see which categories are disabled, you can open the app settings, then notifications, and scroll down to see which categories are disabled that may be causing notifications to stop.


stop notifications

Some Android operating systems are famous for battery optimization modes where apps that have been active for a long time and affect the phone battery are blocked and when that happens, of course, the notifications stop issue occurs, but you can overcome this by going into the battery settings and then disabling the battery optimization mode for apps.

Check sleep mode

In order to receive notifications, the app must be active and running. If your phone is optimizing the battery, the apps you don’t use often are put to sleep. A number of certain apps may have been put in that list without your knowledge, which is why your notifications are stuck.

stop notifications

In order to activate a specific app, you have to go to the battery settings and check the apps that have been put in sleep mode, and on Samsung devices, you have to go to Battery and Device to be able to see the apps in sleep mode.

You may need to go to developer options to see if the app is active or dormant.

Check the priority of notifications

You can operating system Android 11 You can set the priority of notifications, and at present you can control the priority of application notifications between default or silent, so all you have to do is check whether the notifications of the application are having problems.

stop notifications

You can swipe left a little to get to the notification settings and toggle between default and silent mode.

But be aware that One UI does not have notification priority options.

Factory settings

If you have done all of the previous solutions and you were not able to solve the notifications stuck issue, you will have no choice but to resort to a factory reset solution for the phone, sometimes factory reset will solve your notifications stuck issue.

These were the best ways to fix stuck notifications on Android 11 Share with us in the comments about the best methods that you have tried.

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