Best useful iPhone applications 2021

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We are always working on updating the lists of the best useful iPhone applications that help you get and benefit from everything new on the Apple Store so that you can benefit from the exorbitant amount that you paid for getting the apple logo behind the phone, and you will always find different applications that are all useful in something And it saves you time and effort in addition to that most of them are free and do not need to be purchased, and below you can see that list.

Best useful iPhone applications

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One of the wonderful applications that help you to get your ideal weight and gain healthy habits through a huge food database with a Barco scanner to know the calories and the favorite box to record your favorite food and the application offers you more than 300 exercises that you can choose from them whatever you want with comparison Show your weight before and now, alerts for drinking water and liquids, and many great tips about a life full of activity, which makes it one of the useful iPhone applications.

Best useful iPhone applications 2021 [تطبيقات عملية و مجانية #2]


So far the application has achieved wide fame in a very short time and depends on the idea of ​​group live voice conversations inside specific rooms, but you need to be invited to enter so that you can join the conversations and listen and what may have made the application spread quickly is the use of some prominent personalities such as Elon Musk, owner of Tesla and SpaceX, as well as Marz Zuckerberg, owner of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, and what makes the app great is that the idea is somewhat new.

Best useful iPhone applications 2021 [تطبيقات عملية و مجانية #2]


The application is used to modify images beautifully, transforming images into artistic paintings by adding effects to the images, and the application contains more than 300 patterns for use, simply by taking the picture, selecting it, and then choosing the appropriate style until the image becomes wonderful, as it works to convert your image in Within a few seconds, to a thumbnail of Picasso or Munch, through artificial intelligence that works on the link between the image and the style of the artwork, making it a useful iPhone application.

Best useful iPhone applications 2021 [تطبيقات عملية و مجانية #2]


It is one of the scientifically useful iPhone applications and the application allows you to learn any language of the languages ​​spread worldwide such as English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Italian and many others, and it helps you to master speaking skills quickly using methods Non-traditional education and there are a number of free lessons and other paid lessons, and you can learn words, sentences and many more from within the application by experimenting for ten minutes a day.

Best useful iPhone applications 2021 [تطبيقات عملية و مجانية #2]

Google Drive

The wonderful cloud storage application that is used to backup photos, files, and e-books, as well as WhatsApp conversations, can be exported to keep them backed up on the application and the application offers a great service, which is the ability to choose files for viewing even in the absence of Internet and also offers 15 GB space Free to store with purchase plans that you can view if you want to, and through a Google account and your passcode, you can access your Google Drive from anywhere and any device, and it is a free application.

Best useful iPhone applications 2021 [تطبيقات عملية و مجانية #2]

These were the best useful iPhone applications that can help you do many tasks, but each application contains free features and other paid features. You can find out about this through each application.

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