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Best selfie phone: DxOMark website published a ranking with the best frontal cameras in 2021

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The DxOMark website recently published a ranking with the best front cameras in 2021. O DxOMark ranking is a reference for photographers and cell phone owners who are concerned with the same thing: using their devices to take the best possible photos.

The site does in-depth tests and ranks the cameras in a ranking, which highlights the best, both dedicated and mobile phones, whether the main one or selfie.

And to make your choice process even easier, the TechTudo website, the largest portal for technology news from Brazil, according to Comscore, separated which of these smartphones are already available in Brazil for you to acquire yours right now.

Best cell phones for selfies – ranking with the models that are already available in Brazil

Best selfie phone DxOMark website published a ranking with the

Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G

First place in the ranking prepared by the specialized site DxOMark, the Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G, as soon as launched, has already won the title of “best camera in the world”.

This incredible device has a 12 MP front camera capable of generating detailed images with clear contours even in poorly lit environments.

At its rear is the quadruple set organized as follows: 12 MP main, 12 MP telephoto, 16 MP ultrawide and Time of Flight (ToF) sensor that optimizes portraits with an unfocused background.

Its price suggested at the launch of the device in Brazil for the version with 256 GB was a little high, but the device is currently found online for a great price.

Galaxy S20 Ultra

Part of Samsung’s S line, the Galaxy S20 Ultra promises ultra performance, especially in image registration.

Even in low light, the Galaxy S20 Ultra promises more detailed and sharper selfies in normal and blurred mode.

Its 40 MP front camera and f / 2.2 aperture is the most powerful ever seen on a Galaxy.

In addition, in terms of videos, the device can record in 4K on the front. Its rear photographic set is equipped with a quadruple camera divided into a main lens of 48 MP (f / 3.5), wide of 108 MP (f / 1.8), ultra wide of 12 MP (f / 2.2) and a ToF sensor for composition Portrait Mode. It also makes 8K video recording.

Another highlight of the smartphone is the super powerful zoom, which can bring images up to 100x closer and allows you to photograph people and objects over long distances.

It is worth mentioning that, for this new model, the manufacturer invested in several resources in the S20 Ultra cameras, such as the Single Shot tool, indicated for important moments when the user does not know whether to register in a photo or video.

In this case, when the function is activated, the device records everything and presents the records in different ways.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra landed in Brazil in March 2020 and can be found in online retail for a great price.

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G

Voted the best top-of-the-line smartphone of 2020 in TechTudo’s Best of the Year, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G is another great promise when it comes to quality cameras.

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G has a front camera with a 10 MP lens and f / 2.2 aperture. The triple rear camera has a 108 MP (f / 1.8) camera, a 12 MP ultra wide camera (f / 2.2) and a 12 MP telephoto lens (f / 3.0).

The device also has an artificial intelligence that automatically adjusts contrast, exposure, ISO and other parameters.

With a powerful zoom of up to 50x and records videos in 8k resolution at 24 frames per second. In addition to having a laser autofocus sensor.

Samsung’s smartphone arrived in Brazil in September 2020, with a suggested retail price of R $ 7,999, but can now be found on Amazon at a good discount.

Galaxy Note 20

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The Galaxy Note 20 is the success of the Note 10 and brings a powerful technical sheet and promises high productivity.

With 10 MP, your selfie camera is housed in a hole in the display itself. This amazing device also has a triple photographic set consisting of a 12 MP main camera, an ultra wide 16 MP camera and a 12 MP telephoto lens.

The Samsung device also has a hybrid zoom on the rear camera reaches up to 30 times and the videos are recorded in 4K and also has a 3D ToF sensor, the only one of the generation with the technology.

The Galaxy Note 20 hit the national market in September 2020 and is already found on the web at a great price.

iPhone 12 Pro Max

In addition to all the advantages that the iPhone 12 Pro Max can offer, the quality of the screen and the photographic set is the one that most deserves to be highlighted.

The phone has, for selfies, a 12 MP camera and an aperture of f / 2.2 and after the improvement we had in the software, it is possible to record in night mode on the front camera.

The device also uses the TrueDepth camera to record videos with Dolby Vision technology.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max features, at the rear, a triple camera: main with angled lens and f / 1.6 aperture, telephoto lens with f / 2.2 aperture and 120º ultra wide with f / 2.4 aperture.

All cameras take 12 MP photos and thanks to the LiDAR scanner present in the device, the night mode can produce photos in portrait mode.

As expected, the iPhone 12 Pro Max arrived in Brazil in November 2020 at values ​​considered high.

However, with 128 GB, today it can already be found for much more accessible values ​​on the internet.

iPhone 12 Pro

With features similar to Pro Max, the iPhone 12 Pro is another device that promises to bring quality cameras to the market.

The device has a triple camera with 12MP resolution – they are ultrawide (f / 2.4), main (f / 1.6) and telephoto (f / 2.0) lenses.

However, it is worth noting that, although the cameras are able to capture more light, in very dark situations it is necessary to use Night Mode to take well-lit photos.

In the end, the tool can also be used for selfies and its front camera features 12 MP and f / 2.2 aperture that offers quality and sharp photos.

The iPhone 12 Pro also features the LiDAR sensor, which uses invisible lasers to improve the perception of the environment and offer immersive Augmented Reality (AR) experiences.

In addition, it is also possible on the rear camera to use Night Mode when capturing an image with the bokeh effect.

The iPhone 12 Pro arrived in Brazil in November 2020 and has a very affordable value when compared to other models of the brand.

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