Best screen capture apps for 2021 Windows 10 computer

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If you are looking for screen capture applications for the computer, below we have provided a number of applications and sites that will serve your requirements in this matter, and some of them contain many features besides screen photography such as editing the image and adding some effects to it or distinguishing parts of the image with colors or arrows and many features The other one we can learn about by looking at it below.

The best screen capture applications for computers 2021

Best screen capture applications for the computer

Snipping Tool

It is considered one of the best and easiest screen capture applications for the computer, and it is a tool that is integrated into the Windows system and enables to capture the screen and keep it or share it with another application.

This is in addition to some elements for editing the image, such as choosing between several image dimensions, one of which is free-form, the other is window, and the other is rectangular and screen, and you can edit it in more detail by pressing Edit with Paint 3D, and you can crop the image and other features.

Click on the Windows button + Shift + S button at the same time to capture the screen. To save the image, press the Save tab next to the lens icon at the top right of the screen.

The best screen capture applications for computer 2021

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It is one of the wonderful and simple sites that are used in very professional screen capture for the computer and with one click by pressing the prt sc button at the top of the keyboard, then entering the website link and making a paste, or pressing Ctrl + V to show the screenshot.

What distinguishes the site is that you can control the quality of the screenshot and you can also edit the image with simple tools such as cutting and blurring any part of the image, as well as selecting with color, which is free and simple.

The best screen capture applications for computer 2021

One of the wonderful applications in this list that helps you to photograph the screen differently from what I read above. You can take a screenshot while browsing the Internet by copying the URL link, but what is wrong with the application is that it does not contain image editing tools, it takes a full screen shot, but it is free On the Microsoft Store.

The best screen capture applications for computer 2021

Consider it the best app in the list of screen capture apps for PC when it comes to editing those images or recording screen in GIF format.

With it, you can save, copy, or print the image. You can also add a watermark or effects. You can also comment on the image and minimize or enlarge it. The application contains quick shortcuts to take a screenshot in addition to the ability to record a video screen and many other things you find inside this application Wonderful and free on the Microsoft Store.

The best screen capture applications for computer 2021

One of the simplified computer screen capturing tools that allows you to capture any image that appears on the web while you are browsing on Google Chrome.

The tool takes a full screen shot of the web page with one click of the button. You can save the image in PNG format. Some editing tools are available, such as adding stocks or some simple geometric shapes, and they are available for free on the Google Chrome store, and you can add them as an “extension”.

The best screen capture applications for computer 2021

Those were the best ways in which you can take a screenshot from the computer while keeping your data safe and the ability to edit the image in many ways, and we have also provided applications dedicated to taking a screenshot of web pages and other applications that help you take a screenshot while using the computer without an internet connection .

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