Best public health apps for Android 2021

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Check out the best public health apps for Android that help you enjoy good health and save money on medication and doctors. By maintaining physical fitness and appropriate calories and alerting you to medication times, if any, this will help a lot to enjoy wonderful health, and below you can see These applications and choose what suits you best.

Best public health apps for Android 2021

Best public health apps for Android


What makes it the best public health app for Android is its ability to analyze foods and their nutritional value based on the quality of their ingredients, as it tracks and notes the amount of food you eat, exercise, and other variables.

With the barcode, you can scan it through the smartphone’s camera to obtain nutritional information about the canned food that you will eat while providing many free and effective advice on losing weight and the application also tracks your macros, price units and many other features. It is free with paid in-app items.

Best public health apps for Android 2021


A more than wonderful app to remind you of when to take the drug, and many women use it to remember the dates of birth control pills as well as support any form of dosage (tablets, birth control pills, inhalation, …), and even reminders to buy the drug.

The application also supports diabetics and their medications, as well as works on tracking their mood and mental state, and you can also track your mood and general well-being in the application’s mood diary with a blood pressure record and many tips about your treatment, which makes it one of the best applications General Health for Android and it is a completely free application.

Please do not rely on any medication without consulting your doctor first.

Best public health apps for Android 2021


Among the best public health apps for Android comes this great app that helps you with many things such as nutrition information for the recipes you cook, calorie counter, plus a selection of more than 250 exercises to perform, a community to interact with, and statistics about your progress.

The application also supports you with a macros scale and a daily journal in order to record your favorite recipes, as well as a tracker of your goals to follow your development, a water tracker until it remembers you to drink water constantly and many other wonderful features and it is free with paid items within the application.

Best public health apps for Android 2021

Home Workout

You may be one of the users who suddenly got excited and downloaded the application and then deleted it after only a few days, but this does not mean that you are desperate, perhaps you should try again, it is a more than wonderful application that helps you to perform daily exercises for all major muscle groups.

The application contains exercises for the abdomen, chest, legs, arms and buttocks in addition to exercises for the whole body. If you do some exercises for 30 minutes a day, this will help you to enjoy good health and a sporty body as well in addition to fat burning exercises and many other features that make it one of the best General health applications for Android.

Best public health apps for Android 2021

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One of the great applications that combine diet and exercise, and the application also contains a calorie counter and food with a barcode scanner.

And you can rely on the food planner to obtain nutritional recipes that combine the elements that provide the body with health and energy and a nutrition plan within the application dedicated to sugar-free diets and keto systems with a calorie counter and macro and many other wonderful features and it is a free application with Paid items.

Best public health apps for Android 2021

This was our list of the best public health apps for Android that combine health, nutrition and exercise, as well as mental health. We hope you will always stay healthy and do not forget to consult your doctor in cases of dietary recommendations and medications.

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