Best practical and free iPhone apps 2021

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We previously created a list of the best useful and practical iPhone applications, and below we have added more wonderful and easy-to-use applications that can have a positive impact on the tasks or goals we seek to reach, such as learning a new language or mastering a skill and other things useful process.

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The best free and practical iPhone apps


This is one of the best and wonderful free iPhone applications that depends on mastering the skills of writing, listening, speaking, reading and solving fun mathematical equations, and the more you master the skills, the more self-confidence and enhancing your skills better.

The application contains a number of games that were designed in cooperation with experts in neuroscience and cognitive learning in order to train memory and refine its skill. It contains a number of skills that need thinking and concentration so that you can solve equations correctly, and it is a free application.

The best free and practical iPhone apps

Oxford Dictionary of English

One of the most practical and reliable dictionaries in the world. The application contains more than 350,000 words, meanings, many phrases and definitions of words. It also includes more than 75,000 audio pronunciations in American and British English.

You can easily learn a new word every day and create custom portfolios with word lists, as well as the ability to share words and definitions with friends. There are some services within the application that are paid, but the free version, although it comes with advertisements, it fulfills the purpose greatly.

The best free and practical iPhone apps


Another wonderful application among the best practical iPhone applications, which is the most wonderful currency converter application, and the application contains other features through which you can calculate loans, tips, fuel consumption, and many daily financial transactions.

The application also updates the currency exchange rate every 6 hours and contains a number of 167 currencies in addition to that it supports compound units and contains a favorite list of currencies that follow their prices constantly in addition to a built-in calculator that is easy to use and through the application you can adjust all your financial transactions in a simple way and It is free and includes paid items.

The best free and practical iPhone apps

Lose It!

One of the best and wonderful iPhone applications to calculate calories and you can easily enter breakfast and lunch information and the application converts that information into calories and weight loss tips.

And the application contains millions of different foods and foods so that you can find the number of calories in the product you are looking for by photographing the barcode on the cover of each product you purchase. Inside the application you will find a wonderful number of nutritional recipes suitable for the diet that you follow, and it is free with ingredients Paid within the application.

The best free and practical iPhone apps


It is one of the wonderful sports applications through which you can follow your favorite sport, team or championship, moment by moment. The application includes the results of live matches and their coverage first, in addition to videos of goals. The application covers nearly 375 global and local championships, and you can obtain the necessary information And news and stories about your favorite players and matches, in addition to the favorites box, and notifications that you always receive about the results and dates of matches, warnings, expulsions, winning, penalty shootouts, etc., and it is free.

The best free and practical iPhone apps

Those were the best practical iPhone apps wonderful.

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