Best power bank 2021

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The best types of power bank it is necessary to know because this device is essential so that your mobile device continues to work when the battery runs out, especially when you are outside the house and need to make an urgent call or connect to the Internet, we review through the following lines the considerations that you should take when thinking about buying such What is the best device to buy?

How to choose the best type of power bank?

When you think about buying a power bank for your mobile phone or tablet, there are a number of things that you should take into consideration before taking this step.

The first thing is the cost, what is your budget? How much do you want to pay for the device? The second thing, on which the cost may be determined, is the storage capacity, and in order to determine it accurately, you must think beforehand why do you need the device? Do you travel a lot? Are you often in areas where you may not be able to charge your phone, are you planning a vacation to the beach or in a secluded place, in which case you need a device with large storage capacity.

But if you only need the power bank in order to charge the phone, then in this case you will need a medium or small storage capacity that does not cost you much, especially if your budget is limited in the first place.

The third thing is the device’s speed in charging the phone, and is it also able to charge your device and your friends’ devices at the same time? In the following paragraphs, we present a group of a group of the best types of power bank, choose the one that suits your needs and capabilities

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The best kind of power bank

There are many good brands and types of power banks, but we have tried to offer different types in terms of price, storage capacity and shipping speed so that you can find among them what suits you.

1- Mophie Powerstation Plus XL 10,000mAh Power Bank

Best types of power bank 2021 2
Mophie Powerstation Plus XL 10,000mAh Power Bank


  • Large storage capacity.
  • Wireless charging capability.


  • The price is very high.

This power bank has many advantages as it provides the ability to charge the device by connecting it directly to it or charging it remotely wirelessly, and it also enables you to charge a pair of devices at the same time by wired or wireless method, its capacity is very large and it is 10000 mA.

It has a USB-C port, which is suitable for charging Android devices as well as iOS devices, but the disadvantage is that its jacket is a little high and it is heavy in weight.

2- iMuto 20,000mAh Power Bank

Best types of power bank 2021 3
The best kind of power bank


  • cheap price.
  • Its capacity is large.
  • Equipped with a screen.


  • Its weight is very heavy.
  • Its size is large.

One of the best types of power bank, its capabilities are good, especially when compared to its price, as it has two charging ports, and its capacity is 20 thousand mA and this high capacity makes it possible to charge the mobile for four times and maybe a little more.

3- Charmast 10,000mAh Power Bank

Best types of power bank 2021 4
Charmast 10,000mAh Power Bank


  • Excellent price.
  • Nice design.


  • It cannot charge iPhones.

It is considered among the best types of power bank, as it is characterized by its small size, which enables you to carry it in your pocket with utmost simplicity and ease, and its storage capacity is also not small, as it is 10,000 mA, meaning that you can charge your phone through it three times or twice at least, it has a USB port -C It can quickly complete the charging of the phone in about three hours.

You can also charge it and charge the phone at the same time, the power bank comes with a small mesh bag to carry it.

4- Charmast 10,400mAh Power Bank

Best types of power bank 2021 5
The best kind of power bank


  • It has many inputs and outputs.
  • Equipped with screen LCD


  • Larger in size than many similar species.

This power bank is characterized by the presence of an easy-to-use LCD screen, and the main role of this screen is to show the remaining power in the power bank, which is useful especially if the power bank is used to multi-charging more than one device, as it can charge up to three devices in one one time.

The device has a fast charging feature where it can complete charging the mobile in a little more than three hours, the device is not suitable for carrying in pockets easily due to its large size and heavy weight.

We got to know four of the best types of power banks that differ in capacity and cost, only one of them is somewhat expensive, and three of them remain completely within reasonable limits.

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