Best platform for cryptocurrency trading

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Best platform for cryptocurrency trading It can be very useful to you if you are a fan of holding and trading digital currencies, whose prices change from rise and fall every day. In order to know the cause of price changes, when they start and how long they last, you must analyze the charts of various types such as Japanese candles, charts, etc., and you need to read those charts The right way to a premium trading platform that provides those tools and capabilities that you need as a cryptocurrency trader that you can invest in securely, let’s learn about the best cryptocurrency trading platform and how to use the features and advantages it offers.

Best platform for cryptocurrency trading

Best platform for cryptocurrency trading

The Binance platform is considered the best digital currency trading platform today, as it includes about 99% of the currencies in the digital and global world without any complexity. Anyone who owns a smart mobile phone or computer can create an account on the Binance platform and use every feature on the platform.

Binance is a Chinese company that was launched in 2018 by Chinese-Canadian businessman Changpeng Zhao and became the largest cryptocurrency exchange in 2020 after it faced the largest hacking operation by some fraudsters who used very modern techniques to hack the platform and stole millions of dollars.

After that hack, Binance filed a lawsuit and compensated its customers for every cent that was stolen. It also increased the security of the platform’s servers, which is currently considered one of the safest platforms in the world, next to the Binance trust wallet, which is known for its complete security.

The Binance platform includes many traders who invest billions of dollars daily in cryptocurrencies and offers its customers many advantages that distinguish it from the rest of the platforms, such as the ability to earn Air drop for many new and old currencies by registering on the coinmarketcap website, which includes all the important details about each digital currency Recent as well as re-uploaded on the platform, what is the expected price value of the currency, the number of buyers and investors in it, and details about the project of that digital currency.

Through Binance, you can store these digital currencies until their price rises, get a specific selling price from you and freeze them to dollars, or get other cheap currencies that you want to invest in, and the platform also includes the best user interface that enables you to open the page of charts and Japanese candles in a modern and accurate screen It is equipped with the latest technologies and tools that you use in analyzing the trend of the currency, whether it is rising or falling, and determining the decision to buy or sell.

In addition, the Binance platform provides you with a complete control panel for buying and selling at the market price or making an order at a certain price and using safety methods such as stop limit and setting a certain price to take profits at it, and the trading operations that occur at the same time appear on both sides of the screen to give you a brief overview of the market direction Current cryptocurrency.

How to register on Binance

  • You can easily register on the Binance platform through the official website of the platform from here.
  • Or through the Binance platform application, which you can download on your mobile phone from Google Play from here.

When registering, you will be asked for some personal information, your email and mobile phone number, and you can confirm your identity by sending a copy of your passport. This will allow you to transfer a larger amount of money and deal in p2p buying and selling with clients under the supervision of the platform. It also gives you the possibility to enter into trading competitions. Which can enable you to win a lot of coins and valuable prizes.

You should also note that the site of the Binance platform and the application cannot be opened to the VPN system to allow you to enter the application through any net in case you are in Egypt or you can use the mobile data, which will enable you to enter the platform with ease.

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Advantages of the Binance platform

There are many advantages that distinguish the Binance platform from all other platforms, because the Binance platform is considered as a cryptocurrency bank that enables you to save your money, work on projects on the platform and profit from it, and you can even create business contracts with some companies that will operate your money in cryptocurrencies and deliver you A percentage of the profits and you can withdraw the capital easily unless there is a certain period that you agreed to at the beginning of the contract.

You can use the BNB volt feature, which will enable you to win a lot of new cryptocurrencies every period a new currency is released by putting some money in BnB currency and entering the Bnb volt option and clicking on the word staking and waiting for 24 hours and then the profits will be calculated, which will be transferred automatically to wallet spot.

If you have one of the sites or traffic sources, you can use the API feature, which will enable you to profit by publishing Binance ads through your site, and you can also use the platform as a mining project for the Ethereum currency through screen cards or a group of different labs and mining devices linked to your server on Binance platform.

In the end, we have shown you the best platform for cryptocurrency trading, how you can register on the Binance platform, and what are the advantages that the Binance platform provides to its customers and distinguish it from the rest of the platforms.

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