Best PC Games of 2021

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The best computer games of 2021, we need to get rid of boredom always, and one of the best options that helps with this is to enjoy interesting games full of excitement and action, however, choosing the best game is considered confusing, because when choosing a game is not interesting enough It makes us bored more, that’s why we have provided a large number of best PC games of 2021 in this article you can choose the game that suits you and start having a great and entertaining time with it.

Best PC games of 2021

Exciting and enthusiastic games have developed and increased abnormally, and varied between games that deserve to be tried and games that do not, and in order not to waste your effort in searching for interesting games, we have provided the best group of games that are suitable for computers of all kinds and modern games that appear and these The games are:

Game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The game of the magician Gerald Part III was launched in 2015 and began to develop until it came to us in 2021 with its latest release, and surpassed all other games, as it is a very wonderful game, because it contains imagination greatly, in addition to its wonderful story and the use of the sword in playing and the ability to jump between A large group of bloody monsters, and this game also offers the possibility to use magic skills and compete against enemies and different creatures.

This game contains a huge amount of graphics that makes you feel like you are in another real open world, and gives you the freedom to play, using the player character Gerald the brave hero who is shunned by all the people around him, and this hero takes on many bandits.

Best PC Games of 2021 1
Best PC Games of 2021

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Game Hades

Hades is one of the best computer games of 2021, and although it is a fun game that contains a lot of excitement, it needs a lot of focus, movement and skill, and this game depends on the idea of ​​escaping from the control and authority of the father, using the sword as the only weapon in this game. battle.

You will go through many adventures, and you will meet a lot of enemies during the gameplay, but the only thing that is exhausting in this game is that you will die a lot, and whenever you die, the adventure will start again, and this may make you bored.

Best PC Games of 2021 2
Best PC Games of 2021

Game Hitman 3

We can classify a game hitman Among the best spy games in the world, it depends on planning and thinking, and requires a lot of accuracy and mastery in order to reach the desired goal.

You will become the hero of this game, and you will be a wonderful fighter who can use anything in front of him to assassinate his enemies and reach his goals. This game consists of several parts, and in the last part the hero of the game needs to turn into a shadow or a shadow so that I can complete the tasks required of him, which are One of the most difficult things, and for this we find that this game needs the power of concentration, in addition, you will have complete freedom of action within this game which makes it more interesting.

Best PC Games of 2021 3

Game Microsoft Flight Simulator

This game we can consider one of the strangest and best computer games of 2021, because it relies on a different idea from the rest of the other games, as Microsoft was able to take advantage of the map services of the Bing engine that exist in reality and make it another free experience with complete freedom.

The hero in this game can move using the plane anywhere in the world, as well as the game provides the hero with all the airports to land, and it is worth noting that these places are very wonderful and are the closest thing to the truth, which makes the excitement increase more and more.

The challenges in this game are to land the plane in some airports, as this requires a lot of accuracy, effort and focus.

Best PC Games of 2021 4

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Game World Of Warcraft Shadowlands

Certainly many of us know this game, which was launched 16 years ago, but you will not believe how amazing and exciting the versions and development of this game from the beginning of its launch until its last release for this year, making it gain more and more followers.

What is wonderful about this game is the development of areas and events in each version, as we find the ninth and final version of it in 2021 containing distinctive places that combine reality and fantasy, and areas of great beauty and beauty, as well as many terrifying and frightening castles that contain intertwined trees and forests. dense.

What makes your experience in this game great is that you deal with new characters and different places, in addition to that this game enables you to play with friends in accomplishing the tasks required of you and here you can rise your level.

At the beginning of the game, the game offers you four options, which are the fact that the hero is from the faction of fairies or the faction of angels or the faction of spirits or vampires and so you can play freely.

Best PC Games of 2021 5

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Game Monster Hunter World

This game is considered one of the great action games as well as one of the best computer games of 2021. It is a group of series games under the title of action games in which the hero can assume a specific role in each stage.

This game begins with a limited number of missions, which is to kill monsters using a limited set of weapons that we can consider as weak weapons, and this is only in the early stages of the game.

With the success of all the required tasks and killing monsters, you level up more and more until you find yourself in the middle of a distinctive and powerful set of weapons and equipment, and find the great ability to attack more monsters and defeat them.

You may think at first that this game is a great deal of boredom and is only suitable for children and young people, but you will definitely change your mind after you learn that this game contains 14 types of weapons, and it is also worth noting that the more you use a weapon from them, the more you feel like you are in New game in different places and other characters which makes you more exciting and wanting to continue.

Best PC Games of 2021 6

Game Death Stranding

This game may be characterized by slow events and boredom in a small proportion at the beginning, but the more it develops to higher stages, the more exciting the game becomes. The hero of the game is called Sam and this hero moves inside the game carrying an orange bottle inside of a small child called BB. This child makes you feel fear and caution during Perform the task required of you.

You may feel anxious when a young child cries and yells so many times because of the approaching danger, but at the same time it serves as a warning to you.

Best PC Games of 2021 7

Thus, we have provided you with a large number of games categorized under the title of the best PC games of 2021, you can choose the game freely, download it on your computer, enjoy it and have a great time.

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