Best password management and saving apps 2022

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You can now manage passwords and save them safely using applications without the need to write them down or try to remember them. And below we have provided the most secure applications that work to save passwords to remember them on your behalf.

Best password manager and save app


One of the best password manager applications. Besides the ability to store passwords for more than fifty accounts, it also helps you to create unique and complex passwords, store all kinds of information, fill forms with delivery addresses and contact details automatically, and you can use it as a plugin on the browser Your browser like chrome, Edge and Firefox.

Best password manager and save app

In addition to the possibility of using it on the computer in the form of an application for Windows and works to update passwords on the go and sends you customized alerts if any of the stored details appear in a set of stolen data and allows you to store documents and important papers and offers you the advantage of safe browsing using a VPN Dashlane uses military-grade AES 256-bit encryption to keep your data secure.


It is one of the most popular password managers and savers and offers you one of the unique features which is the ability to log into applications on your phone using it and all data is stored using AES-256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA-256 and like Dashlane it also helps you to fill out forms with delivery addresses and contact details automatically.

Best password manager and save app

The program allows you to share passwords with whomever you want to share them and also helps you create strong and complex passwords and can also store credit cards and their details, Wi-Fi passwords and any other digital notes and one of the great features is the support of the program for authentication Multi-factor means requiring an additional form of authorization to log into your accounts such as a code generated by an app or the use of a fingerprint.

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One of the best free password managers that has some great features besides saving security and passcodes like multi-device syncing so you can use it wherever you are, optional self-hosting, unlimited online storage and offers you a number of great features that may not be free In some other applications that provide the same services.

Best password manager and save apps 2022 1

As for the paid features, they provide two-factor authentication as more security when entering applications. Alerts about your account being hacked. The program is easy to use and includes the required features that do not need a paid subscription.


One of the great Nord security software that offers you to save and store passwords and passcodes, it also comes as a “plugin” like its competitors Dashlane and lastpass on your private browser and helps you suggest the best and most complex passwords with data storage features Credit card and bank data securely.

Best password manager and save app

The program allows you to sort passwords into folders with the feature of exporting passwords for whom you want to share them with and importing passwords from other sources as well, often confined to Chrome or Firefox or CSV file, images and scanned documents, and the program works on Windows and Mac And Android and iOS, unlike the above applications, it does not fill in your data forms that you want to fill.

These were the best password management software and keep them securely.

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