Best Lecture Recording Applications Zoom 2021

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Since the spread of the Covid 19 epidemic, the idea of ​​working from home has spread, as well as video meetings and online lectures using the zoom app, so we have collected several applications that help you record Zoom lectures so that you do not miss anything, and given that Zoom gives you recording only 40 minutes for the free version, these applications will give you What time do you want to record and with great quality.

Best Zoom Lecture Recording Applications for PC 2021

The best applications for recording Zoom lectures

Windows 10 Game Bar

Among the applications built into Windows 10 that can be used to record zoom lectures, by pressing the Windows button and the G button, or you can search for the feature in the search box, type the Game Bar, and it will appear for you.

You can record any activity that takes place on your screen, including a lecture or a meeting zoom, with the highest quality possible for the screen, and you can enable the audio recording option in case you want to record audio only, and after completion click the Stop Recording button and go to the folder in which the video file is saved If you want to view it, the registration period is up to 4 consecutive hours.

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Best Zoom Lecture Recording Applications for PC 2021


The application is well known and is a more than wonderful and versatile media player in addition to that it can be used for Windows, Mac and Linux.

You can record zoom lectures by going to the “Media menu” after VCL is launched and click on the “Open Capture Device” option, then choose “Desktop” from the Capture Mode drop-down menu and click on start to start recording and press stop, and you will be able to get all the features for free, and you can customize the look of the interface to your liking so that you can access the features you need.

Best Zoom Lecture Recording Applications for PC 2021


One of the great applications for Windows users to record zoom lectures, meetings, or regular video calls, by clicking on the “Sources menu”, then pressing the + button and selecting Window Capture.

You will notice the emergence of a window, name it and click OK, and you will be able to record the screen, including anything that appears on it, and you can also record audio only, and you can convert the video format to another format if you wish, and you will find many instructions on the side of the screen to help you if you are confused But it may seem a little complicated at the beginning of use.

Best Zoom Lecture Recording Applications for PC 2021


If you want to record lectures through your Android phone, that’s fine, the Mobizen application provides you with more than free quality recording by opening the application and a side mark will appear for you with shortcuts. Click on the video recording sign when the meeting or lecture starts, and you can remove the watermark and edit On the video and there are some elements within the application that need to be purchased, such as recording with a quality of more than 480, but in general, the application is free.

Best Zoom Lecture Recording Applications for PC 2021

Built-in recording

Both Android version 10 or higher contain the built-in screen recording feature of the phone without the need to download an application, and you can review this feature and learn how to use it from Here .

The iPhone also has a built-in screen recording feature, by following the method mentioned here.

Those were the best apps for recording zoom lectures, meetings, and anything else on your screen, whether for computer, Android or iPhone, seamlessly using the built-in features or external applications.

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